Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 18 🦊 Fluid // titty fucking, period sex, fem Osamu

(A continuation of Day 8)

It was a little disorienting to be with Osamu in their new proportions. It wasn’t quite like picking up where they left off, but it certainly was nothing like any of the encounters Atsumu had had with new partners.

Despite pestering Osamu into letting him follow her home, she still seemed weary. She had showered and changed into an oversize shirt and old gym shorts. He watched her hesitate at the doorway before pulling her hair up in a ponytail and walking in.

He gravitated straight to her tits. “Ow, you fucker,” Osamu abruptly batted his hands away. “They are sore from my period, you can’t just go at’m.”

He cautiously reached out to trace one finger along the perimeter of the globes, monitoring her face for any signs of discomfort. Osamu squirmed a bit under the scrutiny.

Keeping his touch light, his hands made mirrored motions toward her hardening nipples. Atsumu skimmed around her areola, tensing minutely in case of another bad reaction. Osamu only gave a relaxed sigh.

A warmth enveloped them as Atsumu tenderly explored her new shape. It left him aching to once again memorize her in this way, feeling briefly that they had never parted.

“We, ah, will need a towel,” Osamu’s languid voice suspended the moment. “Right,” Atsumu pulled himself away, eyes still roaming over his sister.

They made short work of collecting a towel and any other necessities upon the bed. Standing side by side they looked at the spread. Atsumu put his arms across her shoulders and tucked her into him. Feeling the length of her body pressed against him.

“Samu,” he murmured before pulling her even closer and ducking down to press their lips together.

The last bit of hesitance seemed to melt out of Osamu. She finally ran her own hands across Astumu’s body, he too had changed. Subtler, but he was firmer and somehow taller. Their clothes made a rapid descent to the floor.

Atsumu gathered her breasts in his hands, bobbing them a bit to feel the weight of them. There was something so satisfying in watching the jiggle as he jostled them.

Despite Osamu’s earlier protest, he wanted nothing more than to be rough with them. Would she let him slap them some other time?

Without straying from his ministrations Atsumu ordered, “I’m gonna fuck them.” “Hah?” Osamu scoffed.

Atsumu abruptly sat back, looked her in the eyes, and firmly pushed Osamu down on the bed. She opened her mouth to protest but Atsumu quickly climbed atop her. His stare only hardened as he straddled her waist.

He paused and stretched over to open her bedside drawer and grab a bottle of lube. “Slut,” he joked with affection. “Shut up,” she breathlessly laughed.

Osamu’s attention shifted to her brother’s cock. Nostalgia washed over her as she took him in, he hadn’t changed there at least.

The lack of retort was enough of a go-ahead for Atsumu. He shimmied forward until his length was firmly settled between her tits. He slowly gathered each breast in his hands and drove them together.

Osamu could feel his balls tickling across her stomach with each stroke. His cock rubbed against the pale skin of her breast. “Shit,” Atsumu groaned. “It’s so warm.”

Osamu enjoyed the gentle but firm way he held her tits together. The look of sheer awe in his eyes. His hands were free to play with her nipples, pinching lightly. Growing bold she stuck her tongue out to tease at the head of his cock. Stealing little licks of his pre cum.

Atsumu was in heaven. Eventually, Osamu got a little bored and pushed him off. “Fuck me, please Atsumu?” “Shit, yeah,” they hadn’t had sex together in years and he wanted nothing more.

Atsumu hesitated a moment before spreading her legs apart. Her pussy was drenched, all shiny and red. Her body felt even hotter with the taboo of it all. Osamu looked at him with masked unease.

Despite all the lines they had waltzed across in their youth period-sex wasn’t one of them. High school-aged Atsumu has the unfortunate affliction of being a teenage boy who thought such things were gross.

“Ya look amazing ‘Sumu, let me know if I hurt ya, ok?” he traced the lips of her core, fascinated by the way the blood and her juices mixed.

Atsumu crawled over her, bracing on one arm above her, he lined himself up. Her expression finally loosened to a hesitant smile and she nodded. He pushed forward, and she was so wet and warm. How had he gone so long with out this feeling with his favorite person?

He slowly pulled out, it felt so raw and animal-like, the mess was gathering all over him but it only made him want her more.

They slowly rocked against each other, Osamu at a slower more measured pace than she normally would. She looked pained but with little gasps of pleasure, Atsumu trusted her to tell him if something was wrong.

The room grew hot and hazy as he pounded into her. All they could see was each other, all they could feel was a sticky satisfaction.

Osamu’s hand shot out to Atsumu’s hip, “Stop, stop, right there.” He froze buried deep inside her, worried that she may be hurt, but she angled her hips just so and made some frenzied circles against him. Osamu closed her eyes and bit her lip and she was cumming.

She slumpped over and gave an exaggerated sigh. “Should I keep going..?” Atsumu was still holding himself still above her.

“Hmm, you can cum on my tits?” “Deal,” he sprung off of her and rearranged himself straddling over her cheat. There was blood clinging to his dick and down his balls but Osamu was beautiful and she held a sleepy pleased look.

He made quick work of jerking himself off, with one hand gripping her breasts. It didn’t take long before he was spilling across her, his seed gathering in the dip of her collar bone and between her tits. He shakily climbed off and crumpled down next to her.

“Good thing we have that towel.” Osmau looked at him in annoyance before they both burst into laughter.

Atsumu slipped a sticky hand into hers, she wrinkled her nose but said nothing. A few minutes later she reluctantly got up to pee and rinse off, forcing Atsumu to follow her so they could get clean and into bed.

For once he didn’t argue, a night curled up with Osamu was all he needed. 💗end💗

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