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#sakuatsu | coffee shop owner Atsumu & college student Kiyoomi The bell rings above him as he opens the door to the shop, the sound makes the blonde man behind the counter look at him and as dark eyes meet golden ones, Kiyoomi feels all the tension leave his body immediately.

The bright smile he receives makes his whole trip from campus to here absolutely worthy, and he can't help his own smile forming behind his mask as he approaches the man. "Heya, Omi-kun!" The use of the nickname has stopped being a problem after the tenth time hearing it.

Now, Kiyoomi wouldn't know what would it be of his day without hearing his name said in that kansai accent at least once. "Miya." The name makes the blonde frown, and he can't stop his thoughts before the word 'cute' flashes in his mind.

"How many times have I told ya to call me Atsumu?" The protest meets deaf ears as he looks at the menu behind the man. "Not enough. I'll have an americano, please." Atsumu rolls his eyes as he moves to charge Kiyoomi for the coffee. And before he goes, he turns around again.

"With extra-" "Extra shots of espresso and less water, yeah, yeah. I know, go sit, I'll brin' it to ya in a minute." He hides the surprise along with blush on his face by looking away. His mouth doesn't emit a sound as he nods and makes his way one of the tables at the end.

Some time passes as he gets lost on his assignment, hands on the laptop in front of him as his eyes read along the lines of the papers scattered around the table. As he goes over a line once again, a hand rips his attention from the screen as a mug it's placed beside his things.

"Americano with four shots of espresso and less water." A syrupy voice meets his ears as he eyes the mug, then his eyes shift to look at the plate Atsumu places before him. "I didn't order that." The blonde rolls his eyes once again but the smile doesn't leave his face.

"I know, it's on the house. And before ya say anythin', drinkin' only black coffee everyday of yer life its bad for ya, don't ya wanna make it to yer fifties, Omi?" He ignores the warmth settling in his chest in order to look at Atsumu with a expressionless face.

"Honestly I wouldn't complain if I only make it to the end of this semester." The furrow on Atsumu’s brows is almost enough to make him laugh, just almost. "Don't say that ya prick, that's not a good way of thinkin', Omi-kun." It's his turns to rolls his eyes this time.

Then, before the blonde can go away, he glances at the clock in the screen and looks back at Atsumu while lowering his mask. "It's already 10:30." He moves the laptop just enough for the other to see the hour as well. "Oh." It's the only thing that comes out of his mouth,

And Kiyoomi wastes no time in moving the chair beside him, eyes never leaving the man in front of him, arm resting at the back of the chair as an open invitation. "Yeah, okay." Atsumu's answer to the silent question is short, but still, he's quick to take place besides Kiyoomi.

The laptop stays turned just slightly towards the blonde, after all, Kiyoomi knows how curious the other is of his work. Always making questions about the classes and assignments he works on. "Ya want to try some?" His eyes leave the screen once again as he looks at the other,

A desert is placed on the plate Atsumu putted in the table just a moment ago, and he can't help but wrinkle his nose. "You know I'm not very fond of sweets." The blonde doesn't lower the plate, instead opting for grabbing the fork that came along and cut a piece with it.

"It's lemon tart, it's not that sweet." His hand move towards Kiyoomi, presenting the piece of tart to him, an expectant look on his face. "Come on, ya'll like it, I promise. Please." The last words leave rosy lips in a sing-song voice as he locks eyes with the raven.

And really, how could Kiyoomi ever say no to that? A sigh leaves his mouth before he pushes forward towards Atsumu. "Okay." The other's expression it's a little comical as his eyes open wide at the words, but still, he feeds Kiyoomi with a small smile on his face.

Golden eyes look at him expectantly as he chews on the desert, and he can't find it in him to say it's bad, it might be one of the few deserts Kiyoomi actually enjoys. "You were right, it's good." The look on Atsumu’s face it's worth all the almost embarrassing situation,

As he takes in shining gold and a blinding smile, he might like deserts more than he thought. "Really?" His smile turns into a proud grin as he lowers the plate once again. "Well, of course ya would like it. After all, I did it." "Yeah, you were right. You're good"

The blush that spreads across freckled cheeks makes him show a smirk of his own as he returns his vision to the screen. He hears the man clear his throat after a moment. "So, whatcha workin' on, Omi-kun?" He leans forward as he tries to peek at the raven's laptop.

Kiyoomi helps him by grabbing Atsumu's chair from the bottom and bringing him closer, he smiles at the little yelp the blonde lets out as he brings the laptop at the corner of the table. They spend the time talking, silence settling at times as they enjoy the other's company.

//not sure what this is, just wanted to get it out of my system cause they're too cute and I can't handle it on my own😀

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