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I've launched over 10 startups in the past 10 years. Here's how to get your startup off the ground in 15 days It will be intense, but doable. Let me show you exactly how 🧵

We will cover: Part 1. How to Launch an awesome website (10 Hours) Part 2. How to build your MVP (5 Hours x 7 Days) Part 3. How to get your first 100 customers (5 Hours x 7 Days) Part 4. How to manage and organize your operation (5 Hours) Total Time - 80 Hours

Part 1. How to Launch an awesome website in 10 Hours 1. - Buy a domain in 5 minutes - Get a professional emails like Time - 15 minutes

3. - Pick a matching template from their 500+ template gallery (it's like having someone do the work for you) - edit the headline, the features, and add stock photos from the internet - Keep it simple Time - 2 hours

4. - You can build ANY kind of website you want, but this has a learning curve. - Hire a webflow developer on Fiverr or Upwork to save time Time - 2 hours (Hiring someone and coordinating)

5. - Connect your website to sheets, gmail etc. - If customer adds to cart → Send this email - If customer fills this form → Create a task on Notion Create workflows like this with Zapier, Don’t hire a developer. Save time coding. Time - 2 Hours

6. - Invite friends to make video testimonials for your website - Videos of ‘customers’ promoting your product make your website 3x more compelling Time - 30 minutes

7. - Generate good headlines and marketing copy for your product - Use it for inspiration and come up with your own - (I loved this tool so much @theSamParr and I invested!) Time - 30 minutes

Time Spent - 8 Hours Time Saved - WEEKS saved in development time, nitpicking and overediting. Money Saved - $1,000s in development cost if you hire a coder.

Part 2. How to Build an MVP in a week 1. - A drag and drop app builder that lets you build advanced web apps 10x faster and w/o code (Ex: Here’s a perfect copy of the Uber app built on Bubble - [ Time - 5 hours/day x 7 days

4. to collect payments - Create custom payment pages, recurring subscriptions etc. - You may need some dev help for the integration here (upwork) Set Up - 2 hours

Part 3. How to Get 100 Customers in a week

1. - Get 50 people to upvote and 3-4 Hunters to endorse your product on Product Hunt - Fastest way to get your first 50-100 enthusiastic users. Set Up - 5 hours of execution

2. - A newsletter that documents how Dropbox, Tinder, Uber, AirBnB, Calendly and other popular apps got their first 1,000 users. - Read how other founders got their first 1,000 users and copy what works for you. Set Up - 5 hours/day x 7 days

4. Manage all things email marketing to customers. Set up automated emails, segment customers into categories, monitor how your emails perform. Tip: you could skip this one completely if you use Hubspot Set Up - 5 hours

5. - massively improve your SEO - Find keywords to rank for, look up what keywords your competitors are ranking for - Good SEO can get you tens of thousands of website views per day (for free) Set Up - 5 Hours

6. - - signup under the free or startup plan - easy customer service ticketing, monitoring and management - offers powerful upgrades for when you grow Setup - 1 Hour

7. - free plan available - offers a really easy to program chatbot to guide your customers - FAQs routing and more - should reduce emails significantly

Organize your Startup 1. Create teams, projects, tasks, information pages and basically manage your entire operation. I tried to invest in these guys, but missed the early round, LOVE this tool! Set Up - 2 Hours

2. Engage your customers by managing conversations, conversions, bookings, meetings, sales and marketing all from one place. I've used them for every single SAAS company in the past 4 years, it's the single most powerful tool (IMO) Set Up - 2 Hours

3. Manage all spreadsheet-type stuff. It lets you customize your spreadsheets to include dynamic items, photos, filters etc. It’s google sheets on steroids. Set Up - 5 Hours

4. Build customer internal tools to manage processes, track metrics etc. Save 100's of hours of development time. Set Up - 5 Hours

5. Talk to your team, create channels and link with notion to send project updates Slack is my 2nd favorite tool next to Hubspot. I was a big investor in the stock until Salesforce stole it. It's invaluable IMO. Set Up - 30 minutes

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