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Chronic Porn abuse is causing erectile dysfunction in men as young as 17 years of age.. Millennials struggle with lowest libido in 60 years, PIED, fried dopamine receptors..all from porn abuse. Follow this STEP BY STEP strategy to QUIT TODAY, with ZERO relapse. Thread /

I write what I write with the hope that I can change lives. There is enough for everyone and we all can win. Before we begin, help me get my message across to as many people as possible Retweet the first tweet πŸ‘†πŸΌ Done? Thanks. Now let's begin :

How to quit porn? - Just turn off your computer. Total Horseshit. This is thrown around often as a legitimate solution to this sickness. Well this isn't entirely wrong. It’s just not a comprehensive solution. It's very shallow.

This is like putting a bandage over a bleeding artery - the end result is catastrophe. Why am I saying this? Because you, my friend, aren't struggling to quit porn. Quitting something is a momentary decision. Anybody with the will power of a 5 year old can make this choice

What you really struggle with is the aftermath of this choice .. The ripple effect it creates and the terrifying reality it shows you. The mirror it holds to your face showing you the consequences of your actions so far. It will disgust you.. But there is hope.

I know what you feel.. I am here to help you out of this mess. Stay with me until the end of this thread. It will change your life. Like all journeys, We begin this journey with a choice. A choice filled with promise and power.

This choice is NOT to quit porn, But instead, CHOOSE to become the kind of man who does not need to look at internet porn. It's very important you make this distinction.. Do not skip this, it is important. I promise.

Moving on, After you make your choice, What exactly are you really struggling with? Well, more or less three things. βœ… Withdrawal from the dopamine βœ… Facing reality βœ… Avoiding relapse Let's talk about each of them

From my research, the longest the withdrawal pangs last are upto 3 weeks from your last usage. Thats it - 21 days. You need to fight for 21 days like a man possessed and consumed with one idea - healing from this illness.

What can you expect during this time? βœ… Irritability, anxiety, agitation, depression - Emotional turmoil. It's just your brain rejecting this new reality - craving dopamine. Throwing a tantrum. βœ… A desire to β€œswitch” to another addiction - Don't indulge. Stand firm, 21 days

βœ… Loneliness and a longing for connection When you jerk off to porn your biological need to reproduce is met artificially. Now, your body is telling you to find a mate. You will get there. For now - ignore. Meditation, exercise, deep focused work on skills will help.

To break an urge, you need to bring conscious awareness to the craving. Then, you need to engage in positive behavior immediately afterward. The specific behavior is less important than the fact that it comes immediately after the habit.. Urge - aware - pushups.

Everything that's good and promising in your life is on the other side of these 3 weeks. Now this doesn't mean you are cured after 21 days. Years of damage takes a little more time to completely heal - around a 100 days for most men. After 21 days it’s way easier to fight.

Cravings are reduced. They come in waves.. On for a few days and dead again. You will have a better sense of control over it during the on days now. More will power, more determination. The first 21 days are crucial.

Complete guide on rebooting you SHOULD look at - Your brain on porn by Gary Wilson This book is your greatest resource on this journey. Study it inside out. Backed by medical professionals and scientists.. no BS. Next, When you quit porn, reality comes crashing down on you

You have been avoiding ➼ Uncomfortable situations ➼ Taking responsibility ➼ Making any sort of effort to improve Always hiding, weak and lacking energy or drive to make progress.. It will all hit you like a brick to the face. Its ok, suck it up, you deserve it.

Feel overwhelmed for a minute and get to work on fixing your life. There's no time for a pity party. You fucked up, who doesn't? I do too on occasion. But we are men, we work on solutions. We build Grab your toolbox and get to work.

Avoiding relapse. This is an art in itself. Because there are triggers EVERYWHERE these days. But there's no point in complaining.. We just need to make the best we can from what we have. Delete all porn from your computers. Use porn blockers and browser extensions.

Written, audio, video, sexting - all of them - STOP NOW. Its time to reboot your brain now. Honestly, this is all it takes. Do this for 90 - 100 days and all your problems should disappear. Just distract yourself with real world things, keep busy. It will pass by.

Tools to use, Bulldog blocker for Android and windows Blocksite / Porn block plus for Iphone Rewire companion to keep track of your days - don't obsess over your streak. That's it, that's all you need.

Read real life anecdotes from young men who have quit porn. Fill yourself with hope and a desire to see yourself as one of them. Get inspiration and constant positive feedback from this. You alone can keep yourself in check and on track.. Use all tools available.

You will feel the urge on occasion, Remember who you chose to be. When those urges strike and you find yourself reaching for that website Remember the promise you made, You are on the path of light now. There is no room for filth here. You deserve love from a real woman.

It's very possible. 100 days is what you need to offer in exchange. A valiant sacrifice.. You are far too important, you matter way too much to waste away into nothingness. Your potential matters to me. It matters to your families and those who love you. Time to heal.

I have helped men suffering just like you to quit this madness for good, I've done it myself.. If you want coaching - DM me. We will work 1 on 1 to complete rid yourself of this habit in 100 days. Results guaranteed.

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