Mushtaq Bilal, PhD

Mushtaq Bilal, PhD



Recently, I wrote a bunch of Zotero tutorials that went (mildly) viral on #AcademicTwitter. Thought I'd put them all together so folks can find them easily. So, here goes ๐Ÿ‘‡ Zotero 101: A meta-thread ๐Ÿงต Retweet to share it with your friends/colleagues.

1. Getting started This thread will teach you how to: โ€ข Install Zotero โ€ข Build your library โ€ข Create in-text citations in MS Word/Google Docs โ€ข Create bibliographies

2. Adding items to your library This thread will teach you four ways to add items to your library: โ€ข Zotero Connector โ€ข Item identifiers like DOI, ISBN, etc. โ€ข Manually adding a PDF โ€ข By manually entering meta-data of an item

3. Annotating PDFs in Zotero This thread will teach you how to: โ€ข Annotate PDFs โ€ข Take notes in Zotero

4. Syncing your Zotero library This thread will teach you how to sync your Zotero library so you can access it anywhere on any device. Note: You can only annotate PDFs on Zotero Desktop app. You can't do it online.

5. Collaborative Annotations This thread will teach you how to: โ€ข Make Zotero groups โ€ข Annotate a PDF as a group/class

6. Moving Mendeley to Zotero This thread will teach you how to import your library from Mendeley to Zotero. Note: Zotero will dump the contents of all your folders on Mendeley in one single folder in Zotero.

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IMPORTANT CORRECTION: According to Zotero, if you import your library from Mendeley, Zotero will NOT dump all folders in a single folder. Instead, it will import the folders the way they were in Mendeley. Folks who import from Mendeley, please share your experiences.

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