Proving Islam

Proving Islam



Thread 🧵 Rabbi Worship in Judaism (1) According to the Talmud, if the majority of the rabbis say the jewish law should be x, but God says the law should be something else, one must obey the rabbis & disregard God. They cite as evidence a verse which actually says the opposite…

(2) According to this midrash, God must obey the decrees of the rabbis……

(3) According to this midrash, God studies a book by a rabbi and quotes it as evidence he has interpreted the torah laws correctly. (the final screenshot is a rabbi explaining the midrashic story)…..

(4) According to the Talmud, a Rabbi named rabbi akiva knew the Torah better than Moses to the point where Moses couldn’t even follow along in a class he attended of the rabbi because the rabbi’s knowledge was so much more advanced….

Interestingly this rabbi believed that the torah taught that you should spy on your teacher while they were having sex. Yet this person understands the torah better than Moses??…..

(5) According to the Talmud, rabbis recieve revelations from God……

(6) According to the Talmud, the rabbinic sages are greater than the prophets……

(7) The Talmud says it is more important to keep the laws of the rabbis than the laws of God in the torah. It also says anyone who doesn’t keep the laws of the rabbis is liable to revieve the death penalty……..

(8) The Talmud depicts God as taking part in a debate where God & the rabbis were disagreeing about what the jewish law should be in a certain circumstance. They choose a certain rabbi to judge who is correct on this issue: God or the rabbis?……….

If we go to the codified law in the Mishnah, we see that the official law follows the opinions of the rabbis instead of God’s opinion. Which shows that God lost that debate he had with the rabbis…

The End. Interesting ayah to keep in mind:

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