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My 11 income streams make me $2,000,000/year. And I only work 20h/week. Here's a breakdown so you can do the same:

Why do you need multiple streams of income? Multiple streams of income mean if one stream fails, you have others that are still generating money. And you can still pay your bills, feed your family and grow your wealth. Here are 11 I've built that you can start today:

1. eCommerce Business Selling hankies online makes me over a million dollars per year and online stores are a great way to make money. How to start: 1. Find a Niche + Product 2. Find a Factory 3. Order samples 4. Launch your website store 5. Lead traffic to the store Simple.

If you want to know more about starting an ecom store, sign up for my free course on building a profitable online store:

2) Podcast Sponsorships In 2014, I launched a podcast, talking to entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start a successful online business It grew to the top 25 on Apple music in marketing, which attracts sponsors for the podcast.

3) Online Courses Documenting my ecom journey attracted people who wanted to learn from me, so I launched an online course. Now, many of my students are making 6 - 7 figures online with my course If you document your journey, you can turn it into an info product down the line.

4) Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is great because you can: - Advertise products you love - Make money through recommendations - You don’t have to provide customer support When you develop a brand that people trust, people follow your recommendations.

5) Run A Conference I have run an annual eCommerce conference for years. It's a 3-day event focused on learning and networking with other ecom store owners. Running a conference is a great way to help others learn while also making a profit too.

6) YouTube Channel I have 129k subs with my channel and it generates thousands every month YouTube is a no-brainer: >No complex editing needed >You don’t need fancy equipment >Establish yourself as an authority YT is profitable if you're consistent but it does take time.

7) Stock Investing Wealth generation comes from putting your money to work, invest in companies you understand and are willing to hold forever. (I’ve held Microsoft and Oracle since the ’80s) That way, your money is working 24/7

8) Angel Investing I’ve invested some of my money into small companies that need capital. Now, angel investing is risky so never put a large amount of your money into one company. You’ll have many losses but your wins will make up for it if you invest well.

9) Advertising The easiest way to advertise online is adding Google Adsense to your website. I'm not a big fan of advertising because it's low revenue and takes people off your website to someone else's offer but if you have a lot of traffic it's free money for you.

10) Consulting I help companies I respect with consulting If you have expertise, you can help people: >Learn a new skill >Grow their business >Have access to useful tools Consulting is a great way to share your knowledge and make money.

11) TikTok In 4 months, I hit over 50k subs and now I have over 100k In the next few years, I think my TikTok will overtake Youtube in revenue. Most people are sleeping on TikTok and you can still take advantage of it while it's early.

Building these 11 streams of income took decades of work. So here's your gameplan: - Pick ONE - Avoid shiny object syndrome - Spend at least 1-2 years on it before you move The internet allows you to make life-changing money, but you have to be consistent.

And don't forget to sign up for my FREE 6-day mini-course, where I reveal the steps that my wife and I took to earn $100,000 in just one year: Start your income stream today!

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