Kuldeep Rana

Kuldeep Rana



1. Unplanned trip to badridham , i have visted badrinath alot of times , but this time vibe was different , Got lucky to have some friends in the same city i am living ,Reached badrinath at nealy 5 pm, Looked for hotels but didn't got as there was a large number of devotees

2. Luckily have a friend who had his uncle hotel there ,Got a dormatary which is enough for more than 6 peoples ,After than we started visiting badrinath market at night 🌉 , Then temple remains open upto 12 pm , we visited the temple and after that we decided

3. to take a bath at -8 degree temp,Honesty first i didn't get courage of , but a guy made us to do , This was my first time to get a chance of holy bath in the taptkund ,The water was very hot , We remain in kund for more than 30 min

4.After that bath there was a feeling that i can't expalain, Then we had a dinner ,and went to hotel and stayed there for 1hour , Some of guys convinced us to go outside again at a freezing temp of -6 to -8,made 3 more rounds of badridham

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