imagination is the only reality: a thread.

our entire life we were taught that the physical reality is the only reality, we can’t change it and we had to continue suffering as life happened to us. we missed or became ignorant to a big part of how our mind interacted with how our life unfolded.

take a look around you. everything here was first ONLY imagined. the clothes you have, the room you’re in. take a look at your favourite things, at some point you imagined what it would be like to have those. those are small things and you probably don’t believe me yet.

take a look at your life. do u recognise a pattern between what u thought or assumed about something and what happened to you? do you see a similarity between what you believe about yourself and your experiences? do your thoughts match your life? if you look hard enough, they do.

do you see a relationship between your mindset and where you are? do you see how similar your mental experiences are to your physical ones? do you see a similarity between how you see people and who they are?

do you complain and then watch your life show you a reason to complain? here is what i mean by imagination is the only reality. this all happened in your mind first.

our entire life is based on it and through it. life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. we control all of those things i listed. we have the power to create the lovely and the unlovely in our life just by changing who we are.

most might say this is a coincidence but these patterns have been constant throughout your life if you look hard enough. nothing can be a coincidence if it’s happened consistently for a long period of time.

the physical reality is only a mirror to who we are inside. its just a reflection of our imagination, what we imagine about ourselves and others to be as true. its an exact copy of our internal life and dialogue. therefore the reality is within you, not outside of you.

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