Mang | barely surviving | 22 | 🔞 |

Mang | barely surviving | 22 | 🔞 |



#sunaosa | nsfw, suna is cthulhu, tentacles ig, cult, this is dead dove please dont read if you're not comfy with monsterfucking Osamu knew this day would come, that they would finally reach the ultimate goal of the cult he was in; summoning the old god Cthulhu. What he didn't

expect is to be the sacrifice for the final leg of the ceremony. But he doesn't struggle. No, he stays put as they lay him on the raft. He is to be pushed to the middle of the swamp, into the muddy depths where it's impossible to swim through, and wait for their god to collect

him. So he kisses Atsumu's forehead as a goodbye, and his brother was the one who pushed the poorly made wooden raft. Osamu watches as his cult members wave him away and closes his eyes to the sound of their rhythmic chanting slowly fading as an invisible current pushes him

further down into the darkness. Osamu watches how the light filtering through the trees incrementally fade as the canopy of the trees get thicker. The silence was accompanied by the gentle sloshing of water and the buzzing of insects around him.

The humid air weighs down on him and sticks to his skin. As he gets closer to the middle of the swamp, the raft dips a little into the water, and Osamu closes his eyes as the cold water licks his cheeks. 'This is it', he thinks to himself. He could feel his whole body gradually

getting wet as he sinks down. Osamu takes one deep gulp of air before he slowly submerges into the water. The water is cold and it prickles the edges of his fingertips, but he curls them on his chest and holds on. When his lungs burn from the need to breathe, Osamu opened his

mouth to gasp. Cold water rushes in, choking him. He screamed, but it was swallowed by the darkness around him. As his eyes closed shut, he swore he saw a pair of emerald green eyes blinking at him before his whole world shrouded in darkness. xx

Osamu woke up abruptly, eyes wide open and gasping for air. He sat up and looked around. He was no longer at the swamp. Instead, he was in some odd forest, the ground below him wet and muddy. He shakily got to his knees. Did the sacrifice work? Is he dead? "Hello."

Osamu whirls around to see a man, around the same age as he is, smiling at him. He has bright emerald green eyes and pale skin. He extends a hand. "Do you need help walking?" Without even waiting for an answer, the man came in and helped Osamu up, sliding an arm

around his waist to hoist him to his feet. Osamu nearly jumped at the touch of his skin against his own. It was ice cold. "W-Wait, I can manage-" "Don't worry. I'll help you warm up back at my house." "You live here?" "Uhuh," the man answers. He hurries Osamu along

the grass and dirt until they eventually hit sand. Osamu could hear the distinct sound of water, and soon darkness is traded with light. He looks around. They were on an island. "Where are we?" "My home." The mysterious man answered. He led Osamu to a huge monolith. At the

foot of the structure was a stone carved door. The man pulls down a handle and the seemingly heavy door creaks open. "Come. It will be warmer inside." "But-" "Come, Osamu." He insists, pulling him. Osamu had no choice but to follow the mysterious man. Belatedly he realizes

that he never really did reveal his name to him. But the door behind him had shut close, and he was shrouded in darkness again. Osamu swallows nervously. He was led to a large, expansive room with a circular sunken floor that was lined with cushions as it was a large bed. The

man pulls him to sit at the middle of it, muddy clothes and all, and stood to stare down at him. It was as if he already knew Osamu was having second thought s about him. "What is your name?" Osamu shakily asks, body held still by a piercing emerald gaze. The man grins.

"Suna Rintarou." he says. "But you do not know me by that name, do you?" Osamu felt dread and excitement flutter in his stomach. He blinks as he regards Suna. The man was beautiful, that was undeniable. His voice seemed like it was pulling him underwater, drowning him in his

tone and gentle cadence. "Lord Cthulhu?" he whispers. Suna's grin widens. He leans down to grip Osamu's chin. "How lovely that the wife they picked for me respects me so much." He purrs. "But I prefer my other name. As your spouse, I would like us to become equals." "Spouse?"

Osamu's voice was weak. "Of course. What do you think they were offering you for?" Suna leans in and Osamu finds himself craning his neck up to meet his lips. The man chuckles, as if amused and met Osamu halfway.

Instantly Osamu felt like his whole body was burning. He whimpers, his thighs shaking as Suna devours him. He opens his mouth obediently when prodded, and was rewarded with a hand in his hair, petting him gently. "Suna," he whines when the man pulls back. He desperately tried to

follow him, but Suna pushes him to lie on his back. Osamu obeys, shudders when he is roughly undressed. "Perfect," Suna praises, running cold hands down from Osamu's chest to his navel, leaving goosebumps in his trail. Osamu moans softly as Suna thumbs in the joint between his

thighs and his torso, panting in anticipation as cool fingers lightly traces his balls. He was already so embarrassingly wet, his cock red and leaking. The thumbs found their way to his hole, and at the sudden cold intrusion, he gasped. "S-Suna!" "Shh, it's alright, darling,"

he soothes. Osamu could feel wetness from where Suna was shallowly thrusting his thumb in and out. "I will make sure you're well prepared and ready." Osamu tilts his head back as two digits breached him. Never had anything penetrated him before, and here he was sprawled naked in

front of the very being he bows to every night. As Suna curls his fingers, Osamu jumps. The old god laughs. "You're so easy to please," he hums. He leans over to hover over Osamu. "But that's what makes you alluring." "Please," he begs. He timidly loops his arms around

Suna's neck, sighing in relief when the man lets him. "Please, more." "More?" he pretends to think. "My wife is greedy on his first time." "I'm sorry, but please-" Osamu felt his cheeks redden and flush with shame at his wanton demands. "I need you. I've been waiting for so

long-" "That you have," Suna leans down to leave wet kisses against his jaw and on his neck. Osamu whines prettily at a harsh suck to which Suna laps at it with his tongue immediately after. "And for that I will reward you." The fingers were pulled away, and before Osamu

could mourn the loss of it, something much bigger was pressed at his hole. The head of it was blunt and smooth as it was pushed in. Suna hushes him through his cries as he bottoms out. Despite only just met Osamu, it seemed like his new husband could map out exactly where

he knows would pleasure him. Not even a few thrusts in, Osamu cries in pleasure as he cums in between them, spilling white on his abdomen. Suna licks his earlobes, tells him how good he's been. It made Osamu's toes curl. "Good boy, you've done so well." His voice deepens at

ever syllable. "Take your pleasure from me." And in that instant, Osamu felt like the cock in his swelling, somehow getting impossibly bigger. "Suna?" The man straightens his back, and Osamu watches in both horror and morbid fascination as the human skin peels off to reveal

shiny, slimy skin. It expanded, until its head reaches the tall ceilings. Tentacles grew from its face, trailing down long and thick around Osamu's body. Its back hunched over him, his massive claws for hands caging around the tiny human.

Despite it's grotesque appearance, somehow Osamu wasn't disgusted nor scared. How can he be when a large claw lifts to gently rub at his cheeks in an affectionate manner? This monster was his lover's true form, and Osamu is a devout lover, even from birth.

So he sat up, pushing himself to sheath further into the enlarged cock still buried in him. He moans, his body shaking as he grasped a nearby tentacle for support. To his surprise, the tentacles started to move. two encircled his wrists and one wrapped itself

his waist to keep him steady. Two little one attached themselves at his nipples and started to pull. "A-aah!" It was a foreign sensation, having his nipples played with, but it was pleasurable nonetheless. Osamu leans into the pleasure clouding

his brain, only noticing the slithering tentacle below him when it wraps itself on his half-hard dick. "S-Suna! Oh, feels good!" The slime eased the tentacles movement. Osamu rocked on the dick still impaling him, fucking himself on it and into the tentacle jerking him off.

It was mind blowing, and when he came, the tentacles squeezed every last drop of it out of him. As he was held there, suspended, he cries when the cock underneath him suddenly stirred to life, thrusting into his sopping hole. 'Wait, I just came, please-" A low rumble-like

sound echoed throughout the room. Osamu's eyes rolled back as the thick cock batters his prostate, bringing him to the brink again without his dick even getting hard. "Cumming, cumming- oh!" It felt like he came, the same tingling sensation of an orgasm that felt like every

nerve in his body was alight, but nothing came out of his dick. He came dry, and his lover seemed pleased. "I wanna- kiss, please, kiss me," he begs. A tentacle slithers down and Osamu kissed it before opening his mouth. The heavy appendage slides in easily, as if Osamu had

been made for this, and starts fucking him there too. The cock in his stirs again, and the tentacles around his cock picks up its speed alongside those around his nipples. Drunk on pleasure, Osamu let himself be consumed. /end

anyways you can all blame @starrynightea for this monstrosity because it all happened on a dare and i would be damned if i dont take dares from pau so here you go

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