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What can an average Hindu do for his religion & culture ? Thread : 1. Vote BJP : Most important thing as of today, political power is very important, make sure the imperial trinity of Modi,Shah & Yogi always stays in power. 2. Visit temples atleast once weekly & donate there.

3. Wear any one visible symbol of Hinduism all the time in public, it could be Janeu, Kalawa or Kada on hand, tilak on forehead, for women there are more options like Sindoor, Mangal Sutra etc. The person seeing you should have a complete idea that he/she is seeing a Hindu.

4. Boycott businesses by anyone except Hindus & Jains. It may cost you a little more but try to understand that even few pennies paid to a M will be used against your religion. This also includes completely boycotting Halal meat. If you can't get Jhatka, then eat vegetarian.

5. Know your enemies : Hinduism has way too many enemies like Abrahmic religions and their followers, most political parties, most media and bollywood. Don't stay in a bubble and make other Hindus aware as well.

6. Know your local Hindu leader, he could be from BJP, RSS, Bajarang Dal, VHP, Hindu Yuva Vahini etc. Make sure he is just one phone call away. Make sure you also know where to reach him or his men in case of an emergency.

7. Don't be friends with M or C, once you're good friends with them, it would be very hard for you to hate them and their religion, you'll neglect what their religion has done to your religion and land. Hence don't do this mistake and try to stay away from them.

8. Have basic knowledge of Hinduism : Know basic stories of Ramayana, Mahabharat,the 10 Avatars of Shri Vishnu, the stories of Mahadeva and Durga Mata and all the tales related with major Hindu festivals.

9. Celebrate Hindu festivals with great pomp & show publicly with family & neighbours. Don't get stuck in your home,get to the streets & celebrate with full strength. This is our country,where else will we celebrate Holi or Vijayadashami if not Bharat. Burn crackers on Deepawali.

10. Shame people when they mock or criticize Hinduism or any aspect of it. Let them know that it has a price to pay & you won't let them do it freely. It could be done by your close friend or your family member but don't hesitate to stop them, your silence means you allow that.

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