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#sakuatsu CW// mentioned NSFW, Omegaverse 500 follower interactive royalty AU! Polls will last 6-12 hrs. Sakusa Kiyoomi, newly crowned king of Itachiyama, was the topic of every discussion all across the lands. He was a strong king,

the first Alpha one of Itachiyama in many many years. So strong, in fact, that he managed to end a long standing war against their neighboring country, Inarizaki. It was a pointless war started by his great grandparents,

so he was quick to finally put an end to it the second he gained the crown. Being victors of a century-long war had its perks, but it also had many, many downfalls. One of those downfalls was Itachiyama being in charge of hosting the annual knighting ceremony this year.

That meant Kings, Queens, and their heirs from all over the nation would be in King Kiyoomi’s castle for a week-long celebration. It would be full of wine, foods from all over the globe, and intimate nights behind closed doors.

It repulsed Kiyoomi, knowing what happened at night in his spare chambers, but he was guilty of committing the same acts. Said acts were committed with one Miya Atsumu, an omega prince of the Inarizaki household.

It was ironic, considering they just got out of a war against each other, but also expected. Inarizaki was weakened now and could use strong ties with Kiyoomi’s kingdom to help rebuild what was lost.

But Kiyoomi couldn’t quite remember exactly how the blond omega ended up in his bed. What he did remember, however, was heated stares and sultry words that lasted all throughout the first night of feasts and dancing.

Said stares turned into lingering touches as the night progressed and wine dulled their senses. And then those touches became groping under the tables or in the darkened corners of the ball room.

The final push came when Miya rutted his ever-growing bulge against Kiyoomi's thigh and let out the most obscene moan right into his ear, the prominent scent of slick flooding the corner they were huddled in.

Kiyoomi snapped, dismissing them both from the feast and dragging a very pleased Miya to his bedchamber. That night was spent wrapped in pleasure and tangled in warm limbs, the smell of strong caramel and mouth watering chocolate wafting through the room.

Come morning, Kiyoomi planned on moving on and waving off the night as a one time thing. it seemed Miya had a different idea in mind. "So Omi-kun, same time tonight?" Kiyoomi paused in his dressing to look back at the omega lounging naked in his bed with annoyance.

"No. And don't call me that." "Why nottttt?" "Because that's not my name?" Miya scoffed, "No, not that, why can't we do this again?" "I'm a King, Miya. And an Alpha one at that." He sighed and finished buttoning his shirt.

"It looks bad for me to be sleeping around with an omegan prince unless I plan to court and wed them." This made Miya frown and sit up. "I thought you did plan to wed me? Is that not why you brought me here…?"

"I brought you here because your smirk pissed me off and I wanted to put you in your place. You shouldn't look so deeply into these kind of things." Kiyoomi finished getting dressed and tossed Miya his own clothes. "Now get dressed and get out, we both have people expecting us."

Miya grabbed his things and got dressed silently, face void of any emotions. Kiyoomi considered apologizing for a brief moment after taking in the bitter smell of burnt sugar coming from the omega, but quickly dismissed the thought when Miya left,

slamming the door behind him. He'll be over it by evening, Kiyoomi thought. Evening came and Atsumu was most definitely /not/ over it. In fact, you could even consider him livid. How /dare/ Sakusa invite him to his bed and then kick him away come morning.

He spewed lines of owning Atsumu's body all night, claiming to make him his wife and display him like a trophy, only to say it was nothing some hours later. He had looked at Atsumu with pure disgust and disdain when Atsumu asked to see him again,

the omega would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt. He would be a great mate, but Sakusa didn’t seem to realize that. That night, at the second feast, Atsumu watched as Kiyoomi sat on his throne with a bored expression.

Many suitors approached him—omegas, betas, and even the occasional alpha—all desperate for the stoic alpha king's attention, but he ignored them all. Atsumu felt some sick sense of pride knowing only he was able to crack Kiyoomi's emotionless facade.

Or well, he used to be able to. Tonight, the King didn't even acknowledge his presence. Atsumu wasn’t one to back down from a challenge, so he came up with a plan to get all eyes on him once again. And what better way to get an alpha’s attention than through jealousy?

With that thought in mind, Atsumu sought out his twin and best friends. He found them easily, the small group was huddled near the dining tables chatting lazily. “Oi!” Atsumu called out. “I need a favor from one of y’all.” 5 heads turned towards him,

while the rest of the group quickly left, not wanting to be involved in another one of Atsumu’s schemes. Osamu sighed dramatically into his glass of wine. “What is it this time, scrub?” “Actually yer not needed fer this one, Samu.”

He heard Osamu mumble thanks to the higher deities before scurrying off as well, shouting a quick “good luck with him!” to the few left. Those few being: Kita Shinsuke (Omega, Atsumu’s childhood friend and mentor), Suna Rintarou (Alpha, resident partner in crime),

Ushijima Wakatoshi (Alpha, Atsumu doesn't quite remember how they met to be honest, but Ushijima was definitely a hot hunk of Alpha), and Komori Motoya (Beta, the cousin of Sakusa Kiyoomi and number one sakuatsu fan).

“Hello, Atsumu.” Kita was the first to greet him. “What did ya need?” “Okay, y’all are gonna call me insane, but I need someone to pretend ta be my mate or partner or somethin so I can make Omi jealous.”

Komori groaned. “Not this again… Atsumu we just got out of a war, shouldn’t you at least wait a little before jumping my cousin?” “I’ll have ya know he jumped /me/ last night and it was great.” “Ew, we didn’t need to know that,” Suna cringed.

Atsumu simply rolled his eyes in response. “Whatever. Now which one of ya wants to help me?”

They looked between each other, a silent conversation buzzing through the air. Komori was the first to back away. “Sorry Atsumu, I’d rather stay on my cousin's good side.” Suna followed quickly. “Yeaaaah, I don’t have a death wish. Good luck though.”

They walked away together, leaving Kita and Ushijima. “I don’t mind helpin, and neither does Ushijima,” said man nodded his agreement, “but of the two of us, Ushijima is probably yer best bet. Bein an Alpha and all that.” “Yes. Shiratorizawa also has close ties with Itachiyama,

so if we were to actually upset Sakusa it’s very unlikely he’ll do anything rash.” Atsumu was impressed with how serious they were taking the situation. He approached them expecting no one to agree in the first place. “Alright then. Ushiwaka, I hope yer ready to romance me.”

Atsumu wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and reached for Ushijima’s arm. Ushijima interlocked their elbows and led them through the ballroom, a small, rare smile on his face. “I’ll do my best, My Prince.” “Oooh pet names already?”

He feigned a gasp of surprise. “Well it’s only fair if I call ya My King in return, dontcha think?” Ushijima looked away, pretending to think. While doing so, he locked eyes with the King seated on the throne, a crown sat atop his raven curls.

“That term will do for now,” he said without breaking eye contact. He moved his arm to curl around Atsumu’s waist, pulling the blond omega closer. Then, he leaned in close to Atsumu’s ear,

scenting his neck in a way that wasn’t noticeable to anyone that wasn’t paying close attention. “I can think of a few other names for you to scream tonight, though” Atsumu, not expecting something so /lewd/ to come out of Ushijima’s mouth,

became a pretty shade of pink. “Warm a guy next time, jeez. Didn’t even know ya knew how t’ talk like that.” Ushijima watched as Sakusa looked away, a flicker of annoyance showing despite his efforts to remain nonchalant. “Sorry,”

he pulled away a respectable distance, “Sakusa was looking.” The omega shot a glance at Sakusa's direction only to find the king paying him no mind. He couldn’t help but pout a little. “Looks like we gotta up our game a little, huh?”

“What did you have in mind?” “Well…” 1) move to a corner sakusa can see and make out 2) move within earshot of sakusa and start flirting lewdly 3) join the courting dance in the middle of the room

Right on cue, the ballroom music switched tunes. The pace got slower and couples began to drift towards the center of the room, bodies joining together for a languid waltz.

This particular song and routine was known as the courting dance, it was meant for couples planning to mate or marry and gave alphas (and the occasional beta) the chance to show their partners their true relationship intentions.

“Care for a dance, Ushiwaka?” Atsumu looked at the taller man with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Ushijima hesitated a moment, glancing at the couples and alphas trying to woo omegas. “Are you sure it’s a good idea for us to join the courting dance?

We may give Sakusa the wrong idea.” Atsumu huffed and began to drag Ushijima anyways. “We /want/ Omi to get the wrong idea. Plus, it’s not that big of a deal, friends join this dance all the time.” Deciding it was better to just go along with Atsumu’s plan,

Ushijima stopped dragging his feet and properly interlocked their arms once again. “If you insist…” he sighed. They reached the center of the crowd then stopped to face each other. Ushijima wrapped one hand around Atsumu's waist,

using the other to grab Atsumu's hand. Atsumu brought his unoccupied hand up to Ushijima’s shoulder and took a step closer, bringing them chest to chest. “I hope ya know how to dance.” Atsumu’s grin was feral.

“I’m a king, Atsumu. It would be odd if I didn’t know.” Atsumu simply rolled his eyes and started to lead their dance. They started with simple swaying and routine steps, but one look in Sakusa’s direction showed that wasn’t enough.

Huffing with annoyance, Atsumu decided it was time to up their game. As the music picked up speed, so did Atsumu’s movements. He encouraged Ushijima to spin him a few times, even going as far as being lifted into the air, a giddy smile on his lips.

They were so caught up in their performance that they failed to notice the brooding figure quickly approaching them. “Excuse me.” Atsumu startled, halting his movements and causing Ushijima to nearly tumble over him.

He didn’t need to turn around to know exactly who had interrupted them. The bitter scent of dark chocolate and nutmeg announced that the king had finally left his throne. His pheromones clashed violently with Ushijima’s own earthy,

pine wood scent as the two alphas fought for dominance silently. Atsumu pulled away from Ushijima to finally face Sakusa, who was glaring at the hand still settled on Atsumu’s waist. “Hello, Sakusa. Fancy seein you here.”

Atsumu willed his heart to stop thumping against his chest like a jackrabbit and for his face to remain nonchalant. Sakusa’s eyes snapped up to meet Atsumu’s, his eyebrows furrowing at the use of his family name. “Can I borrow you for a moment, Miya?”

Atsumu pretended to think about an answer for a few moments. “Hmmm… no. Ya can’t.” Sakusa had the decency to look surprised. Atsumu laughed at him for it. “Can’tcha see I’m busy with Wakatoshi? We were havin so much fun before you interrupted,” he taunted.

Sakusa looked ready to say something, but was promptly interrupted by a furious cry of “Ushijima Wakatoshi!” The three of them turned to find a tall, brown haired omega stomping towards them. His face was twisted with rage—his eyes focused solely on Ushijima,

who for once in his life, looked scared. Oikawa Tooru, Queen of Aoba Johsai, was known for his outburst, but no one had seen him this angry before. He stopped when he reached Ushijima, his scent sour and causing everyone in the vicinity to cringe.

“What do you think you’re doing with /him/?” Oikawa seethed while pointing an accusing finger at Atsumu. Atsumu raised an eyebrow and stepped back. “Hello Tooru—” “Don’t ‘hElLo ToOrU’ me! Why are you dancing with another omega!?” He shouted.

Ushijima’s mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he realized what was happening. “Tooru, it is not what it looks like.” “Then what is it?” Oikawa crossed his arms. Atsumu’s panicked eyes met Ushijima’s. He only sent Atsumu an apologetic look before admitting,

“I was helping Atsumu to make another alpha jealous.” Atsumu wanted to crawl into a hole and die. He felt a piercing gaze burning through the back of his head and didn’t have to turn around to know it was Sakusa’s.

Half the humiliation he felt was from Sakusa finding out everything was pretend, the other half came from the fact that he had no idea Ushijima was already spoken for prior to asking for help.

“Goddamnit Ushiwaka! Why didn’t ya tell me you were bangin Oikawa? I wouldn’t have asked ya fer help if I’d known!” He cried. “Oikawa, aren’t you wed to Iwaizumi?” Sakusa asked. Now that was something Atsumu did know about, which only made him more confused.

Ushijima sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. But before he could speak, another voice joined the fray. “Damnit shittykawa, way to announce our relationship to the world!” Iwaizumi Hajime matched up to Oikawa and slapped him atop the head. Oikawa cried in protest,

but was ignored. “And you!” Iwaizumi’s attention turned to Ushijima. “If I find out you’re fooling around with someone other than us again, I’ll personally bite your dick off. Understood?” The taller alpha paled at the threat but nodded. “Good, let’s go.”

“But—” “Not. A. Word.” With a growl, Iwaizumi spun around and stormed off in the direction of the bedrooms. Oikawa and Ushijima quickly followed with their tails between their legs.

Atsumu was left to watch them walk away, his jaw hanging open with surprise and confusion. “What… just happened?” He asked no one in particular. Sakusa scoffed from where he still stood beside the blond omega. “I don’t know. But I /do/ know we have a lot to talk about.”

He gave Atsumu a pointed look. I’m not in the mood for this, Atsumu found himself thinking. So he turned to walk away, preferably as far away from Sakusa’s castle as possible. Maybe he’d walk into a hole in the earth that would just swallow him up.

He only managed to take two steps before a hand was gripping his arm and holding him in place. “Let go, Sakusa,” he sighed. “No, we need to talk.” Sakusa growled and yanked Atsumu back.

Atsumu tried to rip his arm away but Sakusa’s grip only tightened. “I don’t /want/ to talk to ya!” He felt humiliated and embarrassed right now. His pride was crushed and he wanted nothing more than to complain to Osamu and binge eat for the next few hours. “Oh don’t lie.

If you didn’t want to talk you wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of trying to make me jealous.” “I did earlier. Now I don’t, so let it go.” Atsumu was on the verge of crying from frustration.

He could feel the stares of others in the ballroom watching the whole exchange and already knew he’d be listening to their whispers for the rest of the celebration. “Why not now? What, are you embarrassed? Sad that your little plan didn’t work?” Sakusa sneered.

“Yes! Atsumu cried, finally meeting Sakusa’s eyes. “I’m fuckin humiliated and really don’t wanna hear ya just make fun of me!” Sakusa’s brows furrowed. “What? You think I want us to talk just to make fun of you?” Scoffing, Atsumu rolled his eyes. “Don’t act surprised,

you were just mockin me a second ago.” “I only said those things because you were being difficult.” “Oh right, that gives you an excuse to belittle me more than you already have.” “What the hell are you talking about?” Sakusa shouted.

“Uh your highness—” “Don’t play dumb!” Atsumu raised his own voice. “I’ve heard the whispers all day. I’ve heard people callin me a whore, sayin I seduced the king into sleepin with a peasant like myself through witchcraft because why else would he bed me?”

“And you think I’m the reason they said those things? You think I have any control over what people say?” “King Sakusa—” “How else would they know if ya didn’t tell ‘em? You made sure to kick me out before anyone else was awake.”

“/Exactly/! I went through such lengths to make sure we weren’t caught, so why would I go running my mouth?” “I don’t know! You tell me!” “Sir please—”

“What!?” They both finally snapped, pining their glares on the servant who had been trying to get their attention for the past few minutes. The servant flinched away. “I’m sorry! But Um, you’re causing a scene…” Atsumu and Sakusa finally stopped to look around.

They took in the way the room had gone silent save for their own harsh breaths. All eyes were on them at that moment. Sakusa cursed under his breath and dragged a hand down his face. “Atsumu, go wait in my chambers. I’ll deal with this.”

Atsumu crossed his arms. “What? Gonna ruin my image more and tell ‘em all what they wanna hear? That I tricked ya into sleepin with me?” “Atsumu! Now!” He shouted, his voice echoing through the chamber.

Atsumu’s body moved against his will, unable to fight against the alpha’s command. He walked through the still silent crowd with his head bowed, and continued with it lowered all the way to Sakusa’s room. When he reached the door, he finally paused.

Sakusa’s command had worn off… so he really didn’t need to keep going. He didn’t need to go into that room. He didn’t need to listen to the stuck-up alpha or follow his rules. Atsumu’s hand dropped from where it held Sakusa’s bedroom handle.

He spun around, walking hastily through the maze of hallways and back to his own room. Once there, he locked the door then grabbed his suitcases from the closet and began throwing his belongings in them.

When he was on his last suitcase to fill, a knock sounded at his door. He sniffed the air, expecting it to be Sakusa, only to realize the scent belonged to Osamu. “Open the door, Tsumu! I know yer in there!”

Atsumu cursed under his breath. “Fuck off! I don’t wanna talk!” “Too fuckin bad cuz I do! Now open the door before I break it down!” Throwing down the clothes he was in the middle of folding, Atsumu got up and stomped to the door.

He unlocked it then stomped right back to his open suitcase. Osamu immediately threw the door open and came inside. He paused when he noticed the hastily thrown clothes, products all over the floor, and the poorly packed baggage. “What the hell’re ya doin?”

“What does it look like? I’m packin, dumbass.” He replied without looking up. “Yeah but why?” Atsumu rolled his eyes. “Cuz I wanna go home?” Osamu mirrored his eye roll and stalked over to where Atsumu sat on his bed.

“If this is cuz of the whole Sakusa incident, yer overreactin.” He said while plopping down on the bed. “Overreactin?” He scoffed. “Samu, he completely humiliated me! And now word is gonna spread like wildfire that I’m some pretentious whore goin after alpha’s in power!

I’ll never be able to find a mate cuz every kingdom will hear about this by mornin.” “Since when did ya care ‘bout findin a mate anyways? Ya never showed interest before now so I really don’t get why yer freakin out over some alpha rejectin ya.”

Atsumu stood up with a growl. “He’s not just /some alpha/ Samu, I’ve been tryin to get his attention since that first war meetin when we were teenagers.” Now that made Osamu sit up with attention. “What? Why am I just now hearin about this?”

“We were at war! I couldn’t exactly tell anyone I had the hots for an enemy Prince!” Osamu gagged. “Please, for my sake, never phrase it like that again.” He dodged a stray shirt that Atsumu threw at him in response. “So yer tellin me, ya got one look,

one whiff of this alpha from an enemy kingdom, and just decided he was it fer ya?” “Yes, now shut up. I knew as soon as our parents and his were off the throne we’d end the war, so I’ve just been waitin for an opportunity,”

he sighed, “and then that opportunity finally came and I completely blew it soooo—here we are!” He fell onto the bed alongside Osamu, both of them staring up at the ceiling. Eventually, Osamu sat up and walked back to the door.

“Sakusa asked everyone to stay silent about what he said after ya left, but I’ll let ya in on a little bit of it.” He paused to turn back towards Atsumu, who was sitting on the edge of the bed again. “Ya didn’t blow yer chance, so go talk to him.” Before Atsumu could respond,

Osamu was gone. Atsumu groaned and ran a hand down his face. He didn’t want to believe Osamu, but he also knew his twin had no reason to lie about this. With that in mind, he hesitantly got up and walked back towards the direction of Sakusa’s room.

His steps slowed down the closer he got, his mind starting to go through a slideshow of all the ways this could go wrong. He got to the door and stopped, then raised his fist to knock. Before he could make contact with the wood,

the door swung open to reveal a disheveled looking Sakusa. “Atsumu,” he said breathlessly. Atsumu was about to respond, but was cut off when Sakusa dragged him inside, closing the door behind them. He found himself being held against Sakusa’s chest tightly.

“Uhhh hi Sakusa—” Sakusa growled at that. “Stop calling me that.” That made Atsumu tense up. “What do ya mean…?” “I never thought I’d be saying this, but please go back to calling me that stupid nickname.” Atsumu pulled away with surprise. “Are you okay?”

Sakusa huffed and removed his arms from around Atsumu, stepping away to put space between them. “No, but that’s nothing new.” “Righhhhhht… so uh, I’m ready to talk. And listen. And argue or whatever it is we’re gonna do here.”

Sakusa nodded and took a deep breath. “Right, yes. It’s time to talk.”

A few moments of awkward silence passed before either made a move to talk. “So—” “I’m—” Atsumu laughed nervously. “Sorry. You go first.” Sakusa nodded. “Ok. Yeah. I can go first,” He took a deep breath to steel himself.

“For starters, I’m sorry.” Without looking up to see what kind of expression Atsumu wore, Sakusa continued. “I shouldn’t have kicked you out like that. And said those things about you. I—I don’t know why I did it to be honest.”

He chanced a glance up to find Atsumu staring at him with a blank face. His scent was perfectly concealed to not reveal any emotions. It had Sakusa shifting where he stood nervously. “And all those whispers floating around, I promise none stemmed from me.

I would /never/ say things like that about you, about anyone not deserving of it.” Atsumu still didn’t react, so Kiyoomi took a step closer. “Do you remember that first war meeting where we met?” That had Atsumu narrowing his eyes with suspicion.

“You probably didn’t notice, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off you that entire time. Something about you just drew me in. Maybe it was the way you stood like an alpha, or your mouth watering scent, or your honey colored eyes… I don’t know.”

He shook his head, a small smile on his lips. “I do know that you’ve had my attention for a long time. And I’d like to have yours, too.” Atsumu sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “‘M sorry, but I don’t really believe that story.

If ya really did think all of that, why’d ya kick me out? Why’d ya push me away and say that shit? It doesn't add up.” Disappointment painted his face. One look had Sakusa’s heart clenching. Sakusa felt himself panicking silently.

He didn’t want Atsumu to leave, he needed a second chance. “I know, I know. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did it.” He chanced on grabbing Atsumu's hand, much to his surprise, Atsumu let him. “I think I was scared. Scared of courting you,

then you realize I’m really not what you wanted. So I wanted to scare you off while I had the chance.” Atsumu scoffed. “Why couldn’t ya ‘scare me off’ before we fucked? Would’ve saved us both a lot of time and energy.” “I needed to have you in my arms for at least one night…

I thought it would be enough.” His voice faded off towards the end. “I was wrong though. I saw you dancing with Ushijima and saw red. I thought you were playing with my feelings the whole time, going after the richest alpha to climb the ranks.”

Atsumu scowled and was about to interject, but Sakusa cut him off. “I know now that wasn’t the case. I’m sorry for assuming, and insulting you because of it.” “What about after ya found out the truth? Why’d ya keep insultin me?”

“You were being unreasonable. And accusing me of things I didn’t do, can you really blame me for being upset?” Atsumu bristled at the comment. “/I/ was being unreasonable? Really? You just admit to being an insecure asshole who played with my feelin’s on

purpose and /I’m/ the unreasonable one? Un-fuckin-believeable.” He ripped his hand away from Sakusa and turned to walk away. Sakusa was quick to grab his arm and hold him in place. “Wait wait, I’m sorry. That came out wrong.” “Oh don’t give me that bullshit,” Atsumu growled.

“Ok, fine,” he huffed with annoyance. “It came out exactly as I intended. But you were!” Atsumu tried to rip his arm away, but Sakusa held him tight. “You spent all night trying to get my attention and when I finally approached you, you were just going to run away.”

“I already fuckin told ya why I didn’t wanna talk! My feelings aren’t /unreasonable/ ya dick head!” “I’m not saying they are and you know that! Don’t put words in my mouth.” Both of them were breathing heavily at this point, their scents sour and eyes full of annoyance.

“It sure seemed like it! Uhg, you make no sense! One second yer apologizin’ and admitting yer wrong, the next yer placin all the blame on me. Make up your damn mind!” Sakusa scoffed with disbelief. “I was trying to fix things but you’re making it /extremely/ difficult.

So, sorry for losing my temper but I can’t help it when I’m spilling all my feelings for you and you’re calling me a liar.” Atsumu rolled his eyes. “It’s not like you’ve given me any reason to believe ya.”

“You. Are so. Fucking. Annoying!” Sakusa crashes their lips together, effectively stopping Atsumu from saying anything else. //NSFW warning for next part 1) They both calm down and forgive each other, then soft sex 2) Hate sex then make up afterwards

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