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Dickie Bush 🚢



These 7 frameworks took me 1000 hours and 5 years of mistakes to learn. I'll teach them to you in 5 minutes:

1. The single best habit you can develop for personal growth: Writing every day. These 7 dead-simple steps make it easy:

2. The single best "skill" you can develop to unlock your personal growth: Learning quickly. Use this framework to learn anything with ease:

3. Growth comes from tight feedback loops. And the key to tight feedback loops? A daily journaling habit. To get started, use these 5 prompts:

4. No matter where you are in your journey you're a leader (whether you think so or not). Use these 7 simple leadership principles to leap ahead:

5. There is only 1 life *shortcut* you can make: Learning from people ahead of you. But don't ask to "pick their brain." Ask these 7 questions instead:

6. The most powerful way to win others to your way of thinking: Telling a captivating story. Use these rules from Pixar to 10x your storytelling:

7. And finally, I wasted years of my life addicted to the comforting lie. But everything changed when I confronted these 19 inconvenient truths:

7 powerful frameworks that will accelerate your personal growth: 1. Storytelling 2. Daily writing 3. Learning quickly 4. Periodic journaling 5. Leading from the front 6. Asking better questions 7. Confronting the inconvenient truth

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