#miyacestober2022 Day 15: Fated. No matter how far they go, how much they hurt themselves, how much they try to be apart. They always, always, end up together again. Fated. That's what the fortune teller told them 10 years ago. That their souls were two halves of the same one.

Therefore, they'll always be destined to find eachother again and again. It was good at the beginning. Twins were meant to remain together until the end of time, after all. Everyone knew it. And Atsumu and Osamu were more than happy that, in their particular case, it was true by

more than just a popular saying. Fated. Fated. They loved the sound of that word. It meant they'd love themselves no matter what. That the bond was unbreakable. Irreplaceable. And that's exactly what they discovered, the day Atsumu showed Osamu how he really loved him.

He felt… disgusted. But, not because Atsumu loved him and really loved him. Like a couple. He felt disgusted, because he found he didn't actually feel opposed to the idea of getting romantically involved with his brother. His twin. That's why he ran away. That's why he hurt—

Atsumu and himself so badly by telling his twin that he hated him. But, oh, destiny was a bitch. And just as the fortune teller said, they kept finding each other every single time, no matter how many days, or weeks, or years passed. They were fated, and Osamu's resistance—

would never be enough to beat that certainty. Maybe, after all these years, he should accept it for once and for all.

Ok, pretty lame and quick, but I hope the concept gets through xD Have a nice day!! ❤️❤️

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