#miyacestober2022 Day 20: Publicity stunt. Angst. It was a stunt. For fucks sake. It was a publicity stunt. It didn't mean anything, it didn't mean Atsumu had those types of feelings for him. But God damn if Osamu didn't wish they were true. The Mija twins had been part of—

a modelling agency since they could remember. Being twins and both good-looking, they were an opportunity not a single agency wanted to miss. When they were kids, they were an extremely cute pair for which the clothes brands fighted to get. Then, as they grew older, their—

closeness and their dynamic caught the eye of some other brands with a more adult public. And, now that they were finally 18 and legally off age, the model agency they were on wanted to sell them to the world in a way noone had seen before.

So there they were. Posing in front of a camera in a way they had never done. It was a bit uncomfortable. Especially when Osamu had been instructed to grab Atsumu by the waist and put his lips on his brother's neck. Atsumu, on his part, had been told to hang one of his arms—

around Osamu's nape and, with the other, grab his face and caress his ear. They had obeyed. Of course they had. At this point, they were more than used to doing anything when it came to a photoshoot. Even their faces were showing the emotions they had been instructed to have.

Osamu a more serious yet passionate one, while Atsumu a flustered but bold one. So them, yet so different from what they usually were. Or, at least, that's what Osamu thought about his brother. He knew Atsumu had the personality to react like that in this kind of situation,—

but with him… Osamu was confident it was just an act. And this fact made him sick. He knew it was wrong. He knew he should've buried those feelings a long time ago. But he was incapable. No matter how hard he had tried to forget Atsumu, he couldn't. He couldn't let go of the—

one person who he had loved all his life. Not only as family, but as something much more deep. Not even the concept of lovers was powerful enough to describe how he felt for his brother. Because it wasn't only love what Osamu felt for Atsumu. It wasn't only that.

It was adoration. Like a god. Or even more. Osamu couldn't remember the last time he showed this kind of veneration for an existing god. Only Atsumu. Only Atsumu and noone else. And right now, when he had his twin in a way he had been aching for as long as he could remember,—

he was constantly reminded by the sound of the flashes that it was all a lie. A stunt. A fucking publicity stunt. It meant that, outside of that room, Atsumu was nothing more than his brother. Nothing more than someone Osamu could never have. He barely was able to take it.

If only he could tell him… The next thing he could register as another flash echoes through the place, was how Atsumu moved so quickly. And then— Lips. Lips on his lips. Atsumu's lips. On his. All the staff began to murmur and gasp, even the flashes stopped for a second.

But then, the director of the photoshoot spoke: "Yes! Keep it like that, good job Atsumu! All of you, keep taking photos!" Ah, so it had been that. Atsumu was only doing his job. Yeah. It made sense. If they were supposed to seem in love, a kiss was more than normal.

Atsumu had only connected the dots. It wasn't real. It was just another stunt. And still— The kiss felt amazing. It hurt so much. And Osamu could no longer stand it. He separated himself from Atsumu abruptly. When he did, he was met by his brother's golden eyes. To his—

surprise, he saw fear and sorrow in them. "Samu— "I can't do this anymore" he said, tears fighting to spill "I'm sorry" and he ran off. The staff screamed at him, some of them even tried to stop him, but they were too slow. Osamu had ran away. To where? The closest safe he—

could think of. His and Atsumu's camerino. It was merely two floors under the studio, but it was enough for him at the moment. What had that been? Why had Atsumu kissed him? Yeah, it probably was only an act, a pretending. It wasn't real. And Osamu was aware. Still, why did—

he feel his brother's lips still linger on his skin? Why couldn't he be normal for once and be disgusted of what his twin had done, instead of craving like a starved man for more? For more of Atsumu's touch, for more of Atsumu's love? Shit. He was sick. He was a sick man. And—

the worst of all is that he didn't want to recover. He wanted to stay in love with Atsumu for all his life. Even if it ripped his heart, even if he knew it was a death sentence. After all, he knew his feelings were an infection. A disease that rotted his blood and his flesh and—

and only left a soul which cried for a bit of Atsumu's attention. It was pathetic but he didn't care. The only thing he wished, however, was that Atsumu had never kissed him. Because now that he knew his brother's taste, he could never forget it. His one and only chance of—

surviving this sickness, had been eradicated. Forever. Well, he already was aware that this love would end up killing him. If only it was a quick death… His trail of though was cut off when the door swung open. After it, there was Atsumu. Osamu swallowed "Samu, what was—"

"Nothing. I just needed some air" he cut off. Atsumu frowned. His brother entered the room and closed the door. Osamu watched carefully each and every one of his movements. "Samu if I made you feel uncomfortable, I…" "It's really nothing, Atsumu" he said, a bit rude "Leave—

me alone, please" but atsumu had never been one known for listening, so he stayed. in front of osamu. blocking his way of escaping. he crosses his arms over his chest. "Osamu" his full name. geez, he had made atsumu mad "i'm not letting you leave until we talk, got it?"—

He didn't want to talk. If he did it, it was possible he spilled something he shouldn't have said. And if that happened… who knows what Atsmu might do. He nodded regardless. "Good. Now… about the kiss… Look, I…" 'I hated it, I hated kissing you. I hated pretending we're—

in love.' Osamu already knew the answer. He just wasn't strong enough to hear it. "I understand it. You don't have to explain yourself" At that, Atsumu opened his eyes like pies. A faint blush painted on his cheeks. He looked so beautiful… "Huh? You do?" "Yeah Well, I mean—

there's no need to be a genius, right?" No, there wasn't. Atsumu didn't love him, and that was ok. "How do you feel about it?" But it didn't matter. As long as he didn't hate him, then it was fine. "The same" And just before Osamu closed his mouth, another one closed it—

for him. Atsumu. This time, no cameras were present. Osamu pulled away instantly. "What the..?" Atsumu's face had gotten red and his palms were sweaty. Osamu didn't understand what was happening, but the way his twin looked so mortified, confused him to no end.

"Why did you get away?" Atsumu asked, his voice breathless and full of anger. Osamu was even more confused. "What do you mean why? Kissing between us is— "You said you felt the same as I did!" Atsumu shouted. Huh?! "You said you understood how I felt! Was it all a lie?!—

You don't love me the way I do, right?!" At that same moment, the world stopped. With such abruptness, Osamu almost fell. That Atsumu… what? "Tsumu, what are you—" "I LOVE YOU YOU SCRUB!" It was impossible. It couldn't be. Osamu had finally died and this was the devil—

mocking him for being such a stupid kid. "You're lying" Osamu whispered. At that, Atsumu walked over to him and kissed him. Hard. So hard, it even hurt. And then, he did it again and again. Until both of them had their lips red and their breaths short.

"I love you, Samu. I don't care what people will think. I love you and I want to be with you" It was surreal. It was a dream. It was a hallucination. Maybe, the rot in his blood had at last affected his brain and he was imagining things. Because it was impossible that this was—

happening. It was impossible that Atsumu loved him back. "Well, do you have anything to say or not?" Atsumu said. In his voice, Osamu could hear he was beginning to regret his outburst. A tiny smile spread across his face. He cupped Atsumu's cheeks. "I love you too. More than—

you'll ever imagine". And they kissed again. If it was real or not, it was something Osamu didn't wanna discover now.

Ok!!! So day 20 done! This time was angst but with a happy ending!! Hope you liked it❤️❤️

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