kero|| Writting🫶🏽

kero|| Writting🫶🏽



˚✧ #miyacest , miyacest , Somnophilia, Atsuosa , underage✧༚ Every night before going to bed the twins share a good night kiss.The thing is that little Osamu always ends up with a small boner that just kills him. He always tries to just silently masturbate but it never works +

Until Atsumu falls asleep in his bed after their regular good-night kiss. This night was different because his small dick was hurting even more and it wouldn’t go away. +

Atsumu loves to be the little spoon so his ass was cuddling Osamus dick; he felt so bad yet so good that he hips just started to move on their own but…his brother was asleep and and it was also his twin. Everything was so wrong +

But his dick was already wet from all the pre-cum from rubbing against Atsu ass. He needed more friction and more movement, so he cautiously moved Atsumu in order for him to be sleeping over his tummy while he position himself on top of him and took off his underwear +

He wasn’t even thinking straight when he just started to hump Atsumu. His movement were sloppy and fast paced, his dick felt so good sliding in and out between Atsumu’s cheeks it was as if them were eating his dick away as he goes in +

He could feel how a small amount of cum came out and stained Atsu’s underwear and some tears coming from his eyes. And that is when he realized how good doing a “bad” thing can feel. Fin of this very lazy thread lol

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