the self-speaking name

the self-speaking name



"Can I offer you some tea?" the witch asked, setting two teacups on the table. "Oh... no thank you," the girl politely replied. "I'm a coffee drinker." the witch shrugged. "Your loss," she said, pouring from a small blue pot.

the steam and herbal smell quickly filled the room. the girl blinked. "What kind of tea is that?" she asked curiously. "It smells amazing." "Oh, it's really just a herbal blend from my garden. Chamomile, peppermint, lavender, chickweed, a couple other things. No caffeine."

the girl's mouth watered as the witch sipped. the witch eyed her from across the small table. "i did offer you some, you know," she said dryly. she pushed the pot closer to the girl. "O—oh, no thank you, I'm good," the girl stammered. "I don't think I'd appreciate it properly."

the witch shrugged. "Suit yourself, I guess." the stillness was interrupted by a loud grating noise outside. the witch and the girl were frozen as the noise trailed off into silence. then, a cry; "Mistressssssssss!" "I'll be back," the witch sighed, shaking her head.

the girl shuffled uncomfortably in her chair, alone in the kitchen. the witch's tea was still steaming in her cup. "..maybe just to try it," the girl whispered to herself, getting up and walking around the table. she inhaled deeply above the cup, savoring.

then, she raised the witch's teacup to her lips, and drank. just a small taste, and then she put the cup down. "...yeah, that's pretty good. I think it smells better than it tastes, though," the girl mumbled to herself, sitting back down in her seat.

the witch was back just a minute later. she made a satisfied noise as she sank back into the chair. "I tell you, you would not believe...oh, nevermind," she murmured as she drank deeply from her cup. the girl shivered, watching the witch drink. the witch saw.

"Everything okay?" the witch asked, raising an eyebrow. "Y—yes! Everything's fine," the girl nodded, too quickly. "Was, that one of your dolls?" the witch nodded slowly. "Yes, it was. Do you know a lot about dolls?" she asked, still watching the girl's face intently.

the girl shook her head, still trembling. "I've, um, only ever seen the public dolls. The ones that tend the parks and stuff." the witch sipped her tea, still not taking her eyes off the girl. "A witch's doll can be very different," she said slowly.

"A witch's doll is much more personal, more... purposeful. I bet you that no two witches anywhere have identical dolls between them." the witch finished her cup of tea, gently putting it down on the table. the girl froze, staring at the teacup.

the witch watched the girl still, her gaze sharp, her smile crooked. "Oh, but it appears, I'm out of tea. Good thing there's more in the pot, I'm just so thirs—" the girl pushed her chair back loudly as she stood. "I can...!" she announced jerkily, breathing heavily.

"I, please, let me get it for you!" the girl walked around the table in two large steps and picked up the pot. her trembling entirely ceased as she smoothly poured another cup of tea for the witch. "My, thank you. That's very helpful of you," the witch said, openly smirking.

the girl's face brightened considerably. "Thank you! I don't know, I just—" "Wanted to help?" the witch finished for her. the girl nodded, her expression shifting. "Yeah, did you know?" the witch smiled broadly, showing her teeth. "It felt good to help me, didn't it?"

"Yes, M—!!!!" the girl cut herself off, her hands shooting to her mouth. the witch sat, staring at the girl, her smile cruel. "You drank from my cup, didn't you, naughty girl? I even offered you your own." the girl paled. "The tea; what did you..."

the witch chuckled. "Silly girl, there was nothing in the tea. It's one of my favorite herbal blends, a nice tea for midday. Your mistake was putting your lips to *my* cup, drinking something *I* drank." her eyes bored into the girl. the girl stared back at the witch's face.

"Even now, you're remembering the taste. Even now, you can't stop thinking about my lips, can you?" the witch put a single finger to her lower lip. the girl made a low, hungry noise, fixating entirely on the witch. the witch turned her raised finger to point down. "Kneel."

the girl gasped, another tremor running through her body. she clumsily lowered herself to the ground, knees hitting the floor hard in her eagerness. her eyes were wide, staring up at the witch. "You want to feel them," the witch stated. her smile was gone, her face unreadable.

the girl nodded, just once. "Yes, please, M—Ma'am," she said, her voice only barely hitching on the last word. "Good girl. Lean forward," the witch ordered, herself doing the same. the girl leaned forward, trembling, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted.

as the witch's lips met the girl's, the girl twitched and fidgeted excitedly. her shivering slowly subsided as the kiss was held, longer and longer until the girl was finally still. only then did the witch pull away, licking her lips with satisfaction.

the girl stayed on her knees, staring up at the witch, her eyes blank. "Mmmm..." the witch murmured to herself. "And to think, I just finished with the last one... where do these girls keep coming from...?" the witch sat alone in her kitchen, and slowly drank her tea.

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