Jenn O'Donnell ๐Ÿ“–

Jenn O'Donnell ๐Ÿ“–



I want to remind aspiring translators of these very simple things you can do when looking for freelance work! ๐Ÿงต

- LinkedIn & Social Media - Have your language pairs and specialty front and center. On LinkedIn I see too many people with "Freelance Translator" but I don't know what that means! Don't use JP/EN/ES/FR etc, they won't appear in searches. "Japanese to English Manga Translator"

Social media is public and how you communicate with others will reflect on you. Be kind, curious, and helpful. Share things that interest you or that you think people will find useful. Not because you think it'll make you look good, but because it genuinely interests you.

- Resumes - Freelancers don't apply for jobs, they offer services. Which means you don't want a traditional resume. People will often only give it a 10 sec look over to see if it's worth pursuing, so you want the key information to be clear.

- Language pairs and specialty front and center! - Your name and email at the top. - Relevant work experience and skills at the top. - Keep it brief. Don't explain everything, give basic facts. - Never use "just" ("I'm just an aspiring translator but...") Sound confident!

Keep multiple resumes for different types of work and edit one depending on the company/work you're applying for. I used to have business/tourism, manga, and anime focused resumes. They had mostly the same information but the most relevant experience was always at the top.

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