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sakuatsu monsterfucking non con , size kink Kiyoomi's being haunted. Ever since the night of his 18th birthday, a demon invades his dreams and fucks him until his throat is raw from screaming.

He yells and begs and fights but he's a small and feeble thing compared to the monster. The demon has the face of a jackal, horns and a tail, slithers its long split-tongue over Kiyoomi's body and into his tight hole to slick him enough to take its two huge cocks.

the first time the demon fit both inside, Kiyoomi bled and the demon laughed, fucked into him without mercy until Kiyoomi couldn't feel his legs anymore. He's afraid to fall asleep. The moment he closes his eyes, he knows he'll see the demon again.

Kiyoomi had been running on nearly a week of barely sleeping, his eyes closing and head falling against his will and only snapping back up when he realizes what he's doing. He's taking stimulants and energy drinks and burning his eyes with droplets to last through the nights.

It's all an effort in vain and he doesn't last long. It's only a few days later when the sleepless nights take a toll on his body and dozes off. But, this time when he wakes with a body hovering over him it's not that of a demon. It's a man.

The man has blonde hair and sun kissed tan skin, he trails soft kisses over Kiyoomi's neck and down his chest. Kiyoomi's head falls back, granting the man more space without resistance. He has no idea where he is or who this man is but something lulls him into a state of safety

The man swirls his tongue around Kiyoomi's nipple and sucks and Kiyoomi whimpers. He's naked, how did he get naked? How did this man get naked? How is he so beautiful? The questions fall away when the man wraps a hand around his cock,

he circles the head of Kiyoomi's dick, gathers the precum and spreads it for an easier glide as he pumps Kiyoomi's cock. Fuck it, Kiyoomi thinks, he'd let this man fuck him before the demon does.

Kiyoomi sees the man's eyes for the first time and he shivers, a hot feeling setting his skin on fire. He has the warmest of brown eyes but there's a darkness that tells Kiyoomi he should be afraid, he might be devoured.

The man kisses him, the softest pressure on his lips before he sucks and nips and Kiyoomi opens his mouth to make it something much filthier.

He wraps his arms around broad shoulders, eyes falling closed and moans into the man's mouth when he twists his wrist around Kiyoomi's hard and leaking cock.

The man laughs into his mouth, pinches his nipple with his free hand before whispering into his ear "You like me more like this, Kiyoomi?" Kiyoomi's breath hitches, a sudden spike in adrenaline and fear at the man's words.

When he opens his eyes, the demon stares him in the face. Kiyoomi screams, arms falling and trying to scramble back.

When did this happen? How did it happen? Where did the man go and was this all a trick? Kiyoomi's thoughts race, heart beating erratically in his chest as dread fills him and makes him sick. "Why are you so scared now, Kiyoomi?"

The sound of the demon echoes inside of Kiyoomi's head, bouncing in his skull. He didn't think the demon could speak. He had spent so much time crying and begging without a response, he had given up on the idea of communication.

It deals Kiyoomi a deadening blow, a sick feeling settling into his stomach. The realization he has always been at the demon's will. He was weak and small and powerless against this creature from the start.

"Why do you do this to me?" Kiyoomi can't help but choke up, an arm falling over his eyes while the demon continues to have its way with him. His body reacts on its own and he's used to it by now, the way his cock still twitches at the demon's touch,

how his legs spread and his hole opens up when the demon laps his tongue around the ring and enters him. He hates how turned on he is, how his body wants it so badly, how it tenses in anticipation of being filled to the brim.

Kiyoomi can hear the wet sounds of the demon's tongue against his hole, writhing against the tip until it slowly breaches him and slicks him up with spit. "You like it when I do this to you." The voice is back inside his head and Kiyoomi sobs.

"You cry and you beg but you take both of my cocks so easily, you tighten around me and never want me to leave." Kiyoomi can't stop his moan when the demon hits his prostate. "Fuck you!"

The demon's laugh echoes so loudly in Kiyoomi's head, his ears start ringing. It sounds cold, the demon laughs like Kiyoomi's told the funniest joke. "Open your eyes, Omi." The demon says and a hand wraps around the arm covering his eyes

Kiyoomi tries to resist, he doesn't want to see that /thing/ but the demon grabs him harder and tugs. When he looks up, the man is back. Blonde haired and brown eyed and smirking. Revulsion and fear rolls through Kiyoomi. He's attracted to this human form.

The man/demon hovers over Kiyoomi, plants both hands on either side of his head to himself up. "Let me fuck you then, Kiyoomi. Just like this." Kiyoomi rages, mind going blank as he lunges for the demon above him and wrestles him off.

Kiyoomi fumbles on the bed he's on, falls to the floor as he tries to get away and the demon sighs behind him. In an instant the demon stands before him and with a single blow, Kiyoomi is thrown back onto the bed.

Kiyoomi is grabbed, flipped and his head is pushed into the bedsheets. "That wasn't very nice of you when I was trying to be generous. I don't mind it, though, I like it when I get to break you." The demon says to him and Kiyoomi thrashes against his hold to no avail.

Two fingers are pressed into his ass without warning and he tenses, screams muffled into the bed. They twist and curl and hit his prostate head on over and over again and Kiyoomi hates how good it feels. The demon knows his body so well.

A third finger is entered and it /burns/ but the demon continues to scissor and spread him open, teasing touches over his prostate. The demon's fingers are removed and Kiyoomi feels empty, his hole clenching down on nothing until he feels the tip of the demon's cock

and all too soon the demon enters him and bottoms out in one swift thrust. The demon moans, guttural and loud. Kiyoomi cries incessantly, biting his tongue and tasting blood to fight back his moans as the demon plows into him and fills him up.

He can tell when the demon shifts again, when two large hands around his waist turn into one, long and large clawed fingers wrapped around his waist so easily and hold him down. The demon's cock splits into two, grow larger inside of him and his hole stretches painfully.

He thinks he can feel the demon's dicks in his stomach. "Please stop.. I'll... I'll do anything, please stop!" The demon's thrusts don't stop, ".... Anything?" It echoes.

"Whatever you want, whatever it is, I'll give it to you! Just make it stop!" Kiyoomi begs, thinking he has a shot at a way out, foolish and naive in his desperation. He should know to never bargain with a demon. "How about You, Kiyoomi?"

Kiyoomi can't speak, can't breathe. Sharp fangs pierce into the skin of Kiyoomi's shoulder. "You're what I want." Kiyoomi goes limp as the demon continues to pound into him, the harsh slaps of their skin pressing together at every thrust and the demon's grunts

are the loudest sounds in the room. Tears continue to fall from Kiyoomi's eyes. Hopeless. It was all hopeless from the start.

"We'll stay here for eternity. I'll keep you in this dream and make sure you never wake up. You'll stay with me and I'll fill you with my cocks forever," the demon says in his head and Kiyoomi knows he no longer has a way out.

// END OOPS, did I say size kink? I meant MINE hehe 😋 I don't think this was my best thread but I wanted this out for Halloween so. HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY SPOOKY MONSTERFUCKERS!

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