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#sakuatsu / background #osasuna | nsfw | quickies in the kitchen “Omi fuck… Samu an Sunarin are gonna be back soon ya gotta stop..” “It’s alright pretty boy, we’ll just have to be quick okay”

They were supposed to be going on a group outing, planned as some sort of ‘bonding experience’ since the twins were having one of their stupid arguments.

Alas, Kiyoomi had seen what Atsumu was planning on wearing, a tank top paired with some shorts that barely covered his ass and bent him over the kitchen table before he could even get a word out.

“Hnn- ya can never be quick with me omi” Atsumu whined, feeling his boyfriend’s fingers brushing against his sweet spot. “Well, we don’t want you humiliating yourself do we now?” Sakusa purrs, biting Atsumu’s neck making him cry out. “So you just gotta cum for me okay”

That isn’t usually easy, Kiyoomi takes pride in edging Atsumu until he's shaking and in tears, begging for a release. He’ll have to make an exception, just for today. “Please just fuck me already, hnn omi please” Atsumu is so cute when he begs.

Kiyoomi lines himself up, groaning as he pushes inside his boyfriend, nails digging into his hips. Atsumu swears he sees stars the minute Kiyoomi’s cock strikes his prostate, eliciting sweet whines from his lips. “Fuck… you’re always so tight even after I finger you”

“HaAh– fuck me, hard and fast” Atsumu begs, tears in his eyes. Kiyoomi didn’t need to be told twice, grabbing his boyfriend’s hips and fucking into him at full throttle, desperately leaving hickeys all over his neck.

Atsumu can’t do much other than whine and allow his hole to be abused for Kiyoomi’s pleasure. They knew they didn’t have much time left, they knew the others would be back soon. “Fuck Omi, ya gonna make me cum already”

“It’s barely been five minutes, pathetic slut” Sakusa spits, pulling on his boyfriend’s hair. Atsumu whines, rolling his hips back, drool seeping from the corners of his mouth. Kiyoomi was close, they both were, a few more thrusts would push them both over the edge.

“Haahh– Omi m’ cumming” “Me too, cum for me, there’s a good boy” They have just enough time to clean up as best they can before the others return, well hopefully.

The door unlocks, and Osamu and Suna return from the store with the stuff they set off to buy. “Damn ya were gone quite a while” Atsumu points out. “Someone got distracted by some dogs on the way home” Suna sighs, glaring at his boyfriend.

Osamu just flips Suna off before heading into the kitchen to sort the food out, Suna following behind despite the crude gesture. It goes silent for a moment before laughter was heard from the kitchen. Followed by disgust.

“Damn, someone had fun whilst we were gone” “TSUMU WHAT THE FUCK MAN WE ALL EAT IN HERE” // fin #sakuatsu #Osasuna #haikyuuthreads #haikyuunsfw

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