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Henlo world. I'm starting a fresh alt account to talk about the mindset, tools and analysis needed to make real money in crypto. My first ever crypto transaction was 11 months ago during the peak of the BSC shitcoin mania, and I was fortunate enough to turn $5k into ~$150k

On one of these pump and dump scams. While friends and family thought I "got lucky" I was digging into all of the telegram groups and lost plenty of money to start, until I finally found out what worked. Funny enough it was @TheRealEstateG6 who inspired me with his RE course

And posts on mindset to finally get involved in crypto. I positioned myself in the right place at the right time to turn $5k into 6 figures. While it maybe was luck, to turn that into 7 figures took a lot more skill, and for that I have @BowTiedBull and the DeFi ed team

to thank (@BowTiedNightOwl & @BowTiedIguana). Along with finding whales like @Tetranode and amazing devs like @tztokchad, along with some help from the one and only @LeftCurveCapita

Most normies (I used to be one) don't understand how to play the game, and all of these folks helped me level up. Your avg crypto player is relying on youtube vid recommendations ab ADA, XRP or the next Safemoon, when you're really just being used as exit liquidity

To actually win in crypto, you need to get your assets of centralized exchanges, network with peers, use nansen, and actually have your own conviction in certain projects, catalysts, etc.

The other thing most normies don't understand is that almost every protocol token goes thru a pump discovery phase, and then fizzles out (almost every time). Instead of HODL'ing these protocols (usually with crappy emissions), you need to be taking profits into BTC, ETH

If someone is shilling you a project on tik tok, you should be SELLING, not buying, ASAP (almost always marks the top, as it did with TIME). Starting from a small account of $5k or less, you are not going to get rich on BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIB and anyone that tells you otherwise

Is using you for exit liquidity. To actually run up an account, you can't trade 50x levered perps (you will get wiped out). You have to use your bankroll to hit one big winner, until you start diversifying into a more institutional style portfolio.

At $5k, you shouldn't be yield farming (doesn't really move the needle). You should be looking for undervalued tokens, and hard catalysts for token launches. For instance, when games launch, GameFi tokens do very well leading into the launch.

I wouldn't recommend trying to make it in crypto, unless you love the game, and have experience investing outside of crypto prior. There are so many scams, rugpulls, and whale games that are overwhelming and hard for a normie w no experience to catch on to

For me, I joined some groups, found DPX, SPELL, GMX and TIME very early, along with some NFT wins (like pudgy penguins, kek), that helped me run my portfolio up to 7 figures at the time of writing this

My goal for this account is to help people improve as on chain investors as we further penetrate mass adoption of crypto. If you actually put in the time to learn this game, the rewards can be incredible, and the memes are hilarious.

I'll probably do a course at some point along with an email list to help people out. But to be clear, I WILL NEVER shill you bags I don't believe in, I am not an influencer, and I only want others to make money.

There are enough scammers in this space, and to further mass adoption, people need to learn no BS methods on how to spot red flags, whale wallets to watch, do products work, how to analyze tokenomics, etc.

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