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coco !! ♡'s tobi



sakuatsu / an odd bus ride home, fluff ? kinda kiyoomi was always tired. On the way to games and back home, he’d doze off but he never fell asleep.

everyone could tell he was tired and asked him if he was alright but after a while left him alone. it always left him and atsumu to be the only two awake during the silent and quiet nights. it was quiet for all about 20 minutes into the bus ride before atsumu leaned in

and started whispering complaints to kiyoomi about how sunas stupid blocks in the game were and how he hates sunas stupid smirk after blocking one of kiyoomi's spikes. It was just when Atsumu was about to bring up the way Komori's saves and dives were so smooth it scared him

when he felt a weight on his shoulder. He turned his head just a smidge and realized it was kiyoomi. kiyoomi was resting his head on atsumus shoulder… This is a lot of pressure to not move. He didn't want to disturb kiyoomi so he put in one of his earbuds and put on a

playlist before giving in, letting his own heavy lids close for the night as well since he had no one to talk to now. If he had to guess that was the best night's rest he's ever gotten before, he opened his eyes for a bit and saw it was still dark out and that they were still

moving so he decided to close his eyes again. after all they still probably had a bit too go and he was very comfortable where he was. he unconsciously leaned more onto his pillow.. wait he didn't bring a pillow? he opened his eyes and looked at kiyoomi still in a peaceful

sleep leaning on his shoulder, his lips were slightly parted and he let out some soft snoring sounds. he still had that little pout on his face that atsumu found so adorable sometimes… Atsumu just smiled and closed his eyes again, he rested his head against kiyoomi's

soft curls that tickled his cheeks. The next time he woke up, it was to the sound of snickers and giggles.“shushh, you're going to wake them up before i can get a picture of this.” Atsumu blinked open his eyes and saw Hinata turned around in his seat with bokuto now next to him

they frowned upon seeing him now awake. “Good going, I missed my chance.” Inuaki put down his phone and walked away. “morning, sleepy head. Are you comfortable?” meian smirked at him and atsumu just flipped him off.

“Are we there yet?” he whispered, lifting his head up to look at who's all looking at him and kiyoomi. “almost, we're just getting snacks right now.” meian whispered back. “want anything?” Atsumu shook his head.

kiyoomi grumbled and shifted a bit before going still again, atsumu moved to grab his phone and check his texts. “okay well if you need anything we'll be inside.” sho smiled and bounced off with the rest of the team.

Atsumu reached over to ruffle Kiyoomi’s messy curls to get a grumble out of him and wake him up. “hey, omi if you need to use the bathroom or grab a snack then you gotta do it now.” he whispered smiling down at him. “shh…” he wrapped his arms around Atsumu's left arm and

put it in his lap trying to get impossibly closer before going back to sleep. Atsumu stayed awake for the rest of the hour-long drive and never attempted to take back his arm, he knew kiyoomi rarely sleeps during the bus rides so he wouldn't take this away from him.

and he stayed like that for 30 minutes, every now and then hinata or bokuto turning around in their seats to talk to him or ask him to settle a debate. They always looked at kiyoomi before Atsumu and gave him a questioning look that was answered with a one shoulder shrug.

It wasn't until they were both up and eating a late dinner in the dorm's kitchen because their long napom the bus had made it difficult to sleep. Atsumu had given up on sleeping and made a frozen pizza and decided he was so kind and gave kiyoomi a slice

since he also had given up on sleeping after about 30 minutes of staring at his ceiling. they ate in silence for a while with kiyoomi sitting on one of the bar stools while atsumu opted for standing across from him. the silence ate at atsumus need to talk.

“Did you have a good nap on the bus?” atsumu joked raising an eyebrow while taking a big bite of his food but kiyoomi had only gave a small nod He really did expected an eye roll or a “shut up miya.” but it never came, maybe it's because he was too tired to lie? who knows.

“So why did you decide to nap on me? you never sleep on the bus rides..” atsumu couldnt stand the quiet now and took a long sip of his drink watching while kiyoomi figure out what he wanted to say. But he only ended up shrugging. “I dont know.”

“You don't know?” “Well, i don't know the word but, i have this really weird feeling when i'm with you, i can't explain it but i know its a good feeling… it's like I don't have to worry about anything when i'm with you.”

Atsumu hummed trying to think of the word, when he thought of it he set down his pizza and looked up at kiyoomi. the only light in the room coming from the moon, making the other man look ethereal.. suddenly there were little butterflies fluttering around in atsumus stomach

while he hesitated to say what kiyoomi might be thinking. “do ya mean safe? you feel.. safe, with me?”

Kiyoomis eyes widened before his face softened turning a light shade of pink. “yea.. safe..” he guesses that can be another way to say hes in love with miya atsumu.. //end <3

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