nsfw miyacest , exhibitionism , teacher/student relationship (but not really) // osamu is a university professor, and after a very successful volleyball career, atsumu has decided to trade the ball for the books, returning to university as a mature-age student. +

as osamu is setting up for one of his lectures, atsumu strolls into the hall, having finished his classes for the day. they live together, so they usually go to and from uni together. their schedules don't always line up, but atsumu doesn't mind sitting in on osamu's classes. +

it's sexy, to watch his twin deliver his talks, experience and expertise oozing out of him. he likes watching the students too, listening with interest, hooked onto every word that leaves osamu's mouth. he smirks, when he hears the things the students say, +

whispering about their sexy professor miya, 'total dilf vibes', asking each other 'are we allowed to fuck our profs?' atsumu can't resist leaning over when he hears that one, telling the group of young students, 'only when you're no longer their student,' +

with a wink, laughing when their faces turn red. osamu doesn't like it when atsumu attends his lectures, because it's always a bit intimidating to present in front of him, and also because he distracts the students---both with his laughter, and with his looks. +

there are as many rumours flying around, and as long of a line of students wanting to fuck atsumu, as there are for osamu. unlike osamu, who actually feels some sense of concern at the rumours, not wanting to risk his position, atsumu gets a kick out of it. +

he likes to bring it up in bed, as he comes inside osamu, 'sorry to yer students, but--- i got to fuck ya first.' or when osamu is fucking him, thrusting his cock in and out of atsumu at a brutal pace, 'fuck, if only they how knew how deep professor miya's cock reaches, +

huh?' osamu always tells him to shut the fuck up, because he doesn't want to hear about anyone else when they're having sex. atsumu just chuckles and presses a kiss to osamu's lips. 'i like it when ya get possessive.' +

so seeing atsumu walk down to the front where osamu is now, with that handsome yet mischievous grin, osamu knows that this can't be good. "hey, sexy professor," atsumu greets when he gets close. osamu huffs. "you're not even in my class, get out." +

"but then who's gonna blow ya under the desk an' keep ya company throughout the lecture?" "fucking hell." osamu closes his eyes and grits his teeth. he woke up with atsumu's mouth warming his cock this morning, but they didn't get to do anything as they were running late. +

now he wonders whether atsumu did all that on purpose, as a setup for this moment. he wouldn't put it past his scheming bastard of a brother. they both look up when they hear the sound of a door opening. atsumu grins, "guess our decision has been made for us." +

he walks to the other side of osamu's desk, and grimaces when he sees just how small it is. "oh fuck, i thought it'd be more comfortable than this." then he shrugs, "oh well! cramping is worth the cock." he winks at osamu and ducks down into the space. +

before osamu can yell at him the first student walks in and osamu must greet them. soon, the lecture hall fills up. before he starts his lecture, osamu likes to talk with his students. he can occasionally hear a grunt or curse coming from his desk, +

but pays it no mind. serves him right for this stupid idea. osamu also considers just leaving atsumu there for the entire lecture, he's under no obligation to sit there and have his cock sucked after all---even if it's an incredibly tempting prospect. +

but then atsumu starts making lewd gestures at him, making erotic expressions, and it would be hard for osamu to continue ignoring him, and his growing erection if he doesn't sit down. before his lecture is scheduled to begin, osamu sits down at his desk. +

he sets up his slides and microphone, ignoring the sound of his zipper being undone and the hand wrapped around his cock. atsumu whispers, "can't wait to listen to yer sexy tokyo accent," right before osamu starts, and he has to clench his fist so he doesn't reveal anything. +

osamu's students notice that something is off with him. of course they do. with the amount of attention they pay him, it's hard not to notice that their professor, who usually walks around a lot during his lectures, being very talkative and gesturing a lot, +

is incredibly quiet today, and seems to be stuck at his desk. not to mention, his face is a bit red, and he's sweating. as the lecture goes on his condition seems to worsen, with him delivering the last few sentences of his lecture through clenched teeth. +

when he dismisses everyone, many students try to approach him to ask if he's okay, but he holds a hand out and stops them abruptly, telling them to just go, in a frantic tone of voice. "i'll be fine," he tells them, though he really does sound like he'll be anything but. +

the students are still concerned, but wanting to respect their esteemed professor, they leave. they're still talking about it as they go. it's obvious that professor wasn't feeling well, but they have mad respect for the fact he still came in to teach. +

they're so caught up in fawning over their professor that they miss his audible sigh of relief just as the door begins to close.

// back to the accent thing for a second, osamu speaks with a proper tokyo accent when he teaches, and atsumu finds it sooooo fucking sexy like 'yes sir tell me again' even tho osamu is like 'it's just an accent tsumu half the population has it' and atsumu is like +

'but it's YER tokyo accent' heheh and also ofc when his kansai /does/ come out and his students hear it they go absolutely fucking crazy. and then it's ATSUMU'S turn to be possessive >:)

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