#gLfunfacts -- To celebrate #genLOCK's first-ever con panels happening this weekend in Austin, I want to share some little anecdotes for fans everywhere. Influences besides the usual "top 5 anime" you get in the articles, more BTS tales, etc. Hope you enjoy.

My parents were born and raised in New Orleans. I never actually lived there, but we returned several times a year. As our family moved around A LOT, it was the one constant location in my life as I grew up. I'm very fond of it.

I imagined Julian's dad as a displaced Orleanian (mo' climate change, mo' hurricanes), who loved music. In the Chase family apt, you can see his trumpet and a pic of him in something like Preservation Hall. He left for NYC, became an NYPD beat cop, and met Roberta on the force.

[#gLfunfacts side note - if anything gets truly spoilerly, look for or mute "gLspoiler"]

Dri's grilling of Miranda in ep1 is tribute to what my eventual-sister-in-law did to me when my eventual-wife introduced me to her. Except the interrogation I was put through lasted muuuuch longer.

The tale of Chase and the cookie on the knee was me, age ~4. 🙃 I still have a tendency to take things too literally.

I had a handful of key shots per ep, a very specific image in my head. As simple&calm as it is, this shot of Miranda is one of my favorites of the whole show. Something about how despite her weariness from the years, she'll still take a moment to watch a sunrise, face the future.

Another fave is the flythru of Migas & Kazu's vehicles end of 6, to reveal Chase and Nem fighting on the airfield. Just like the shot, both camera & anim teams went round and round to make it work - and freakin' nailed it.

Ah, here's something that's come up before - They/Them are perfectly appropriate for Val/entina's pronouns. They'll also not nudge you if you use the gender or honorific for how they currently identify, which is why Miss/she/her is in play a little early in the season.

Kazu's reaction in ep4 ether scene was tricky, and I feel like I owe it to him to explain it (I will try not to do this often). I needed someone to ask a question or two, and I selected him as a mild commentary on Japanese laws on the subject (gonna let you google that). (1/2)

The rationalization was perhaps Japan might still be like that in some way. Being around the notion less, it's simply not the first thing that comes to mind in conversation. Once he gets it, he shrugs it off, 'cause it's Kazu. (2/2)

(I mean, I'm not saying there might not be more subtext there either. People should interpret stuff how they want. I just wanted to address that part of it. He's not dense.) (er... 3/2)

During genLOCK, I had the chance to bond with @DavidLevyMusic (panel today 4p) over love of composing. I let slip I was sure there’s an AU version of me somewhere in the multiverse that has a life in music. On gL wrap day, he gave me this and the s/w. Yes, tears were shed.

How art evolves thru collaboration, from early concept to screen final asset, has always fascinated me. First is a super early pass at the #genLOCK team when it was just @Dishwasher1910 helping me on the pitch, next you see the final show models art directed by @michaelpedro.

You can thank/blame @Dishwasher1910 for Cammie being blonde. She was originally to be ginger. But so many RTanim folk reacted positively to her blonde look, I did a little research and found out Nordic Scots (or Norse–Gaels) are a thing. So we kept it.

Movie frame grids (some favorite examples at ), color bar codes ( ), etc. are super educational & make me geek out. Here are some genLOCK color scripts I use as wallpaper, 1st by @michaelpedro 2nd by @larissaangus & @sanafreemanart

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