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#miyacest #osaatsu #atsuosa Osamu always liked to fuck Atsumu in the first hour of the day, always early in the morning. Atsumu was tight and his moans were always more needy when Osamu woke him up with her fingers inside him or his cock. +

so every time Osamu wakes up and Atsumu is still sleeping, he does this, kisses his whole body, light and subtle, squeezes his waist, opens his ass and buries himself in the warmest place he could be. And when Osamu moves slowly, leaning his head against the swollen spot and+

mistreated last night. More and more, Osamu's hands tightened more and more on his waist, bringing him closer.

And in those moments, Atsumu always loves being in love and being filled by his brother early on.

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