I created a very basic stock trading algorithm that could have given a 240% return in the past year. Here is the algorithm:

1. Buy certain units (150) of stock (NIFTYBEES). - If the opening price is lower than the last day's closing price by 1 %. - If the closing price is lower than the current day opening price by 1 %.

2. In both the above cases create a GTT to sell when the bought stocks are up by 1 percent. Ran it through the last 1 year of data opening and closing price data. Here are the results: Equity Margin at start = 100000 Equity Margin at end: 212269 + 28024.5 (invested in stocks)

Order-wise detail: I even automated this algorithm. But it requires a lot of manual intervention with CDSL authorization for selling and Oauth every day. So instead of paying for API, I will try this algorithm for a year and post the results.

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