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EVERY man can dominate his life by following the exact steps below.. The 3 stages of personal transformation - THREAD

This thread is for those of you who are suffering. Physically, mentally and emotionally.. You know who you are. Trapped in a cycle of indulgence and guilt, feeling like you are wasting away every day.. Brother, what if I told you, there is a way out of this darkness? Curious?...

The human spirit is powerful beyond belief. Understand this, you are not born to live as a fragile leaf, quivering in the wind. Your true potential is supreme.. an unshakeable mountain, immovable and standing proud. You have lost your way.. what you lack is guidance and truth

In 1882, Friedrich Nietzsche, an extremely gifted thinker put into words the 3 stages of human transformation. Now remember, this was a man who's been to the depths of despair.. a man who has been so intimate with the human spirit, his understanding stands above most others

Transformation begins with emotion. A spark that is set off in the human spirit that turns into an inferno of change and evolution. Brother, if you want to change your life - you need to begin with emotion. Rage, disgust, desperation, grief.. this is your fuel. Use it to begin.

1) The first stage of transformation is the stage of the CAMEL. Not every man evolves. Many live, never truly grasping their true potential.. however, there are a rare few who are stronger than the rest of the herd. These men wake up with desire to change & embody the camel

This is the stage where one willingly carries the heaviest burden he can. The camel takes on the hardest of challenges life throws at it. It is here that one overcomes fear, offers pleasure as sacrifice and pursues the truth with devotion.

Now listen, the stage of the camel is the loneliest of all. Here you are trying to stand out from the herd. This is the stage when you are building something worthwhile by embracing change, suffering and internal strife and turmoil. This is the stage where you learn humility.

The spirit as the camel is a collector of scars, burdens and conquests. He willingly asks "What is the heaviest burden I can carry and rejoice in my strength". Ask yourself this question, hear the answer from your conscience. Now go and embrace that burden.

2) The next stage in transformation is the LION. In this stage the spirit wants to be free. Here, you want to be the lord of your wilderness. The master of your domain. You want to move away from all chains that have you bound & create a destiny that is unhinged and free

To truly become a master of his domain, the Lion must fight his former lord, the ‘great dragon’ called ‘Thou-shalt’. A representation of all the pre existing notions and beliefs that you have. The ones that limit you to truly become the master. You MUST defeat them.. EVOLVE

You must defeat them and realise that all that you have believed to be true, all that society asks of you are arbitrary demands, not the truth. This is not as easy as it seems, the mind loves routine and conformity. You truly must be a Lion to go against this.

3) The final stage in transformation is of the CHILD. Now this could be confusing... An all powerful lion become a child? Surely this is wrong? So I embrace all these burdens and overcome them, destroy all my limiting beliefs to become a child?.. YES. Listen closely....

There is something that a child can do that even an all powerful Lion cannot fathom. This is to create new values. The innocence and curiosity of a child is what enables it to create a new world of its own. A world of infinite possibilities and untethered potential.

This is where you want to end up.. after you go through your personal transformation, you must embrace a child like curiosity, enthusiasm, playfulness and wonder for life itself. You are free from all chains that bind you. Now it is time for you to write your story...

All stories of transformation go through these stages of life. If you are a young man, crumbling under the pressure, looking desperately for an escape.. these are the 3 stages you need to go through. When you walk out of them, you will be a new man, TRANSFORMED

In the beginning I mentioned how transformation begins with emotion. But emotion or willpower alone is insufficient. What begins with emotion is sustained through habits, systems and routine. You hone it every day like a sword. Sharpening your mind and body like steel.

I am looking for 5 men with a burning desire for change. I will help you break habits, build systems and routines to completely revamp your life.. however, You MUST be willing to invest time, effort and $$$ ( Coaching ) If this is you, DM me to begin a conversation.

Join my substack, I post two lessons every week. Lessons on every aspect of life transformation based on the foundations of neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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