Noah Khrachvik

Noah Khrachvik



Lenin wrote a fantastic book called "The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky". I want to go into the importance of what Lenin is criticizing in this book and why. His MAIN criticism of Kautsky was Kautsky's turn to eclecticism. >

He goes into it over and over again throughout the book, that Kautsky abandoned Marxism, and through trying to add bits of this and bits of that, cast aside the Marxist system and "turned Marx into a common liberal". He rails against him for this. So what does this mean? >

Does it mean we should never read things that aren't written by Marxists? DEFINITELY not. It means that we must read things WITH our Marxism. It is Marxism that gives us a deeper insight into society than anything else. >

And so, I've read Lacan, I've read Paine, hell - I've read Mussolini. You know why I can understand them better than Kautsky could have, figure out errors and mistakes and wild misinterpretations of things? Because everything is filtered through my Marxism. >

But here's the rub. We only have so much time and energy in a day. And this is why I recommend people focus on learning the Marxist system first and foremost before anything else. >

If we're reading some hip bourgeois theorist because we're told it's important, that will affect our thinking if we are not first armed with a deeper insight through Marxism. Same goes for the un-hip ones. Begin with Marxism. Always.

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