On March 8, 2022, Elon Musk committed perjury before a federal judge in the Southern District of New York. Perjury means he lied under oath. It only takes one lie. So here it is.

First, some background. $TSLA has disclosed the @ElonMusk Twitter account as an official communication channel for investors and/or prospective investors in Tesla, Inc. Language to this effect was included in Tesla's SEC Form 8-K filed November 5, 2013.

@elonmusk On July 2, 2020, a Twitter user named Justin posted a Getty Images photograph of Elon Musk and convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. At this point, the photo has made the rounds on Twitter for years.

@elonmusk On July 2nd and 3rd, Musk used his @ElonMusk Twitter account, an official communication channel for investors as described above, to deny that he knew Ghislaine Maxwell "at all" in response to Justin and another Twitter user.

@elonmusk The original posts were later deleted, but Musk's denial remain today. The only problem is that Elon Musk does know Ghislaine Maxwell. At least he told Jeffrey Epstein that he did. They met at "Kung Fu practice on Saturday," which was May 28, 2016.

Furthermore, Musk and his lawyers had the opportunity to dispute the authenticity and accuracy of the above e-mail exchange with Jeffrey Epstein in court. They didn't. Instead, they called it "irrelevant" and a reference to it "unsupported."

But on March 8, 2022, it became relevant. On that day, in an effort to quash two SEC subpoenas, Musk submitted a signed declaration under penalty of perjury, in which he stated, "I never lied to shareholders. I would never lie to shareholders." Both of those sentences are lies.

Elon Musk lied about his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, the truth about which would horrify virtually all humans, including investors. He lied about it using a channel disclosed as a source of information for investors in an SEC filing. Then he lied under oath about lying.

The lie about knowing Maxwell was material because it could have affected $TSLA's stock price if the company's CEO became embroiled in a criminal prosecution, especially as a potential witness. The lie about lying is material given ongoing SEC investigations into Musk and $TSLA.

Like Donald Trump, Musk has told countless lies. This just happens to be a set of lies that is provable and that was made under oath.

Correction: Typo above (his denials* remain)

Perjury happens every day in federal and state courts. Lawyers in particular lie with abandon. There's almost never any consequence. We highlighted some of $TSLA's other perjury issues in our 2020 Reality Check report starting on page 95:

Oh wow, a third false denial ("Don't know Ghislaine"), from July 4, 2020. If you repeat the lie often enough...

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