"The Great Reset." A comprehensive thread on the Global Elites' plan to control food, energy, and money. What's their intention, and what can we do about it? 1/

2/ For those awakening from the pod, I'll quickly get you up to speed so we can get into the thick of it. The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum's plan to "shape the recovery" post-Covid-19. It's an agenda to centrally plan the world. It's global communism.

3/ The ultimate goal of the Great Reset is for you to own nothing and be happy. And for them to own everything and be a little happier. It's their strategy to consolidate power over food, energy, and money.

4/ “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” - Henry Kissinger Let's dive into the Great Reset Agenda.

5/ Part 1: Food The elites want to control food production. The attack vector on food is the "climate emergency." To achieve "net zero carbon," they want to change our food systems & diets. Alignment w/ their climate agenda is measured by ESG.

6/ Example, in 2021, Sri Lanka banned chemical fertilizers to reduce GHG to achieve optimal ESG score. Their ESG score was 98.1, but no fertilizer meant weak crop yield, less food, and famine in 2022. The country completely collapsed & President fled.

7/ And globalists have continued to emphasize ESG/sound the alarm on the "climate crisis" despite Sri Lanka's results. For instance, Netherlands & Canada seek to reduce livestock & fertilizer, respectively, to comply w/ WEF. And do their part against the "crisis."

8/ The outcome of these policies is clear. In the name of "saving the planet," food output will be lower, prices will be higher, and more people will starve. All the while, farmers will be bankrupted. Leading to an opportunity for the globalists to seize farmland.

9/ Don't take my word for it. French PM Emmanuel Macron warned the French to prepare for the "end of abundance." Yes, the end of abundance is due to artificial crises that render populations weak and dependent on the Globalists.

10/ The coming food crisis will conveniently end with a consolidation of food production. People will be starving and in desperate need of a solution. The same people who created the crisis will have the answer. Selling high margin industrial sludge.

11/ Part 2: Energy "Climate" is a great attack vector. It even works on energy markets! The transition to "green" has led to an energy crisis in the EU. All bc globalists have pushed climate propaganda, emphasizing the need for "net zero" and subsidizing "green" energy.

12/ Due to insufficient reliable energy in Germany/EU/UK, electricity prices look like a meme stocks. Prices are sky-high already and are getting worse as winter comes. There will be energy rationing, industry will close, homes will be cold, and people will freeze.

13/ This European energy crisis will have cascading effects. Soaring nat gas prices have reduced ~25% of the EU's nitrogen fertilizer capacity. An energy crisis creates a food crisis, leading to mass unrest and famine. Which could've all been avoided.

14/ As @saifedean writes in his book The Fiat Standard, "Centuries of human engineering progress and quality of life improvements had been based on channeling hydrocarbons." Nonsensical "green energy" policy fueled by fiat is regressing human progress.

@saifedean 15/ The energy crisis will leave people vulnerable. There will be mass unrest and likely deaths from the cold this winter. And the globalists, the same people who create the problems, will find a solution to give the people. But not without a cost, their freedom.

@saifedean 16/ Part 3: Money Since 1971, money has been backed by nothing. Allowing elites to print money to enrich themselves at the expense of many. Fiat money has exacerbated wealth inequality. In the US, the top 1% owned a record 32.3% of the nation’s wealth at the end of 2021.

@saifedean 17/ Fiat money has been a boon to elites, but they need to take it further w/ Central Bank Digital Currencies. The ultimate control mechanism to usher in digital serfdom. It is marketed as better technology, faster/secure payments, direct UBI etc.

@saifedean 18/ In reality, CBDCs allow for complete control by central banks/govs. Programmable money that allows for: • social credit • monitor/surveillance of transactions • censorship of transactions • direct confiscation • direct taxing • neg. interest rates to name a few.

@saifedean 19/ For those unaware, the CCP has a social credit system. It's a system out of a dystopian movie. Social Credit dictates one's ability to access financial services, and basic public goods, such as transportation, based on allegiance to the state.

@saifedean 20/ CBDCs are the final blow to our remaining freedom. It is an explicit admittance that money is not yours. Your access to your own money is all about your obedience/compliance. CBDCs could utilize a carbon tracking system to enslave you further.

@saifedean 21/ Part 4: Motives It's hard to control a population when there is abundance. So Elites create crises to make people fearful and resources scarce. And use those as opportunities to get more power & wealth.

@saifedean 22/ Part 5: What can we do? Vaclav Haval, a dissident under Soviet Communist Rule, recommends establishing parallel structures existing inside a totalitarian society but morally outside of it. The Great Reset is possible only due to fiat money.

@saifedean 23/Fiat transfers wealth to the elite via inflation and artificial crises and allows them to control capital allocation via ESG/crony capitalism. The answer is a new monetary system, #bitcoin. Incorruptible & decentralized money. Rules, not rulers.

@saifedean 24/ Without fiat money, the elites' Great Reset agenda can't work. On a #bitcoin standard, elites cannot print money to enrich themselves or control the capital allocation process via ESG/Social Credit. Bitcoin's incorruptibility ends human suffering created by corrupted money.

@saifedean 25/ #Bitcoin is freedom in the digital age. @MartyBent It's a sound monetary system that empowers individuals and defunds The Great Reset. Bitcoin will lead us to prosperity & abundance and away from serfdom. You in?

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