demi is back (partially)

demi is back (partially)



miyacest , pregnant sex , a/b/o , mpreg , cuntboy atsumu Thinking about osamu fucking his pregnant omega, hands running over atsumu's full tummy with each thrust. He watches his twin writhe beneath him as he fills his tight pussy over and over while words of love and

appreciation escape his lips. "Look at ya. So fuckin pretty, all full of my pups. Yer my perfect little omega, tsumu. My mate. I love ya so much." He's rewarded with soft whimpers, respinsing with his lips on atsumu's swollen nipples as his pregnant body is fucked and filled.

Fucking atsumu had always felt right, but fucking him while pregnant was even better. Fingers lace together as atsumu cums hard on his cock with a cry, soaking the sheets with his slick. Osamu doesn't hold back, leaning in to kiss his twin as he breeds him yet again, slipping

his knot into that sweet pussy and smiling into the kiss. "Can't wait to meet our pups, tsumu. Yer gonna be the perfect mama." They lay there like that until osamu's knot deflates, warm and safe and in love. They were safest in each other's arms. / end

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