#miyacestober2022 day 20 • publicity stunt , angst , post-breakup , atsumu x other // THIS JUST IN: Miss Universe Japan candidate spotted with MSBY Starting Setter! Could this be Japan's next top celebrity couple? They certainly look the part— +

there's no surprise about the beauty of a model, but who knew athletes could be so handsome too! The famous youngsters were spotted earlier today on a walk, her arm looped around her new beau. Of course, ... +

There was no worse way Osamu could've found out about the news, he thought. Waking up to messages from his employees and some business partners he was close with, asking why they hadn't known he was dating a model. His confusion made /them/ confused, +

until finally, one of them had sent over this article. Multiple articles, actually, detailing Atsumu and his new girlfriend. It was big news, apparently, trending all over social media. In their high school group chat, their Inarizaki team members were joking about how +

Atsumu managed to convince someone clearly way out of his league to agree to date him. Even their /mother/ had messaged Osamu, asking him why Atsumu didn't tell her about it first, and telling Osamu it was time he settled down too, and 'ask your brother to call me, won't you?' +

Osamu stared at his phone, numb from all the news. He looked at the pictures, again and again, even though there were only a few of them and he already had each and every one memorised. Even though it hurt him every time, feeling like a knife through the heart. +

He made a mistake. He thought his relationship with Atsumu was a mistake, but he clearly didn't know what that word truly meant until he saw the pictures of Atsumu holding hands with that model, with his /girlfriend/, looking happier than he'd ever had with Osamu. +

But that was the whole point to it, wasn't it? That now Atsumu /could/ be happy in public with his partner, that he didn't have to hide and pictures /could/ be taken of them together. Osamu suddenly wonders if they'll get married. If Atsumu would ask Osamu to be best man. +

He doubts it, given how their relationship had fractured after Osamu left him, irreparable unlike the time when they were still teenagers, and Osamu announced he was quitting volleyball. Osamu opens his messages with his twin, though from the content one would assume +

it's a conversation between strangers. 'Trying a new onigiri flavour, wanna come over and try?' 'No thanks, busy with training.' 'Ya want tickets to my next volleyball game?' 'Sorry, got an important business meeting that day.' But Osamu didn't have anything on that day. +

He'd planned around it far in advance, to make sure he could watch Atsumu play. He couldn't bear to go in person, but he still wanted to support him any way he could. So he stayed home, turned off his phone, and turned on the game. +

It felt sort of pathetic, honestly, Osamu alone in his apartment watching the game through a screen when he /could've/ been watching from the stands, cheering his brother—his first and only love—on in person, but, well. Osamu was a pathetic person now, he supposed. +

Osamu's fingers flew over the keyboard as he typed out his messages to Atsumu, sending them without giving them too much thought, not wanting to linger a moment longer. Then, he got ready for the day. Tsumu > Ma wants ya to call her > Congrats by the way > I'm happy for ya +

When Osamu came home, the last thing he expected was to see Atsumu at his door. But he was proven wrong once again when Atsumu actually turned around to look at Osamu, and he looked like an utter /wreck/. His eyes were red and puffy, and there was snot dribbling from his nose. +

"Tsumu," Osamu breathed, a part of him unable to believe it. He quickly unlocked the door and let Atsumu inside. "Are ya—" "What /was/ that?!" Atsumu shoved him, pushing him back. Osamu barely caught his balance and prevented himself from toppling over. +

"I don't—" "'/Congrats/'?!" Atsumu mocked, a sob racking through him. "'I'm /happy/ for ya'?! What the /fuck/ is wrong with you!" Osamu just stood there, taking his brother's hits. He deserved it, to be honest. This and more. He said, stupidly, "Ya looked happy…" +

"'course we looked happy, ya /idiot/! It's a publicity stunt, all of it! We—" "What?" Osamu couldn't help it. He actually grabbed Atsumu and shook him. "You're telling me—" The immediate visceral anguish he felt upon reading the news, the heavy feeling he carried +

with him all day… "As if I could ever love anyone that wasn't /you/!" And then Atsumu did something Osamu thought would never happen again. He kissed him. It felt— /Gods,/ it felt better than Osamu remembered. It felt like coming home, and Osamu melted into it, +

kissing Atsumu back like his life depended on it. Atsumu moaned, then pulled Osamu closer, their crotches touching, and /that/ broke Osamu out of his stupor with a jolt. He pulled back abruptly, eyes drawn to the blissful expression on his brother's face, +

but ignoring it and crushing down his guilt as he said, "Wait, Tsumu, we—" This would undo /years/ of work, set them back where they started. He tried to step back, "We can't—" "No," Atsumu said firmly. He stared Osamu down, gaze unwavering. +

"I've let this go on for too long. I've let ya have this stupid moment for too long." He pushed Osamu back until his back met the wall and caged him in, slotting his thigh between Osamu's legs. Osamu couldn't help it, he ground down on it, moaning at the friction. +

Atsumu continued, "We're /made/ for each other, don'tcha get it?" He moved his leg against Osamu's hardening dick. "Even if I was actually— You're /mine/ Samu," he said, before leaning in to mouth at Osamu's neck. +

Osamu felt like this was a fever dream. He couldn't believe he had Atsumu like this again, here, touching him. He suddenly thought about when they were much younger, still in high school, getting off together for the first time. How happy they were, how happy they'd /been/, +

all the way up until Osamu made the stupidest decision of his life, the worst mistake of his life. He knew, with Atsumu kissing his neck and snaking a hand into his pants to cup his cock, that he would never make that same mistake again. +

"I'm yers," he breathed, sighing as Atsumu touched him, over and over. "I'm yers," he repeated, feeling whole, once more.

// a continuation of this, kinda

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