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On Tweet got me: • 2K new followers • 2.8K newsletter subscribers Today I’ll show the exact strategy I used. /Thread

This strategy just works. Here are some results.

The trick is to use @hypefury's Auto-DM feature. And the way it works is this: Promise people you’ll DM them a gift when they retweet your tweet. The best things? Hypefury sends the direct message automatically. Here’s how to set this up:

1. Create a freebie It could be a free PDF, course, case study… anything that provides value to your audience.

2. Write the mother of all tweets Because it's the Auto DM tweet that you’ll post using HypeFury. Make sure to: • add a nice hook • social proof • say what they'll get • and a precise CTA

3. Set up the tweet in Hypefury It’s super simple. Just watch this 35-second video.

4. Let Hypefury handle the rest

Want to learn a bit more about this strategy? Just retweet the first tweet of this thread… And I’ll send you a link to a 10-min video training where I go deeper into how to make this strategy work.

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