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I have seen a lot of men CHASE WOMEN and 97% of them get REJECTED or FRIEND-ZONED. People especially women want what they can’t have. Here’s how to get WOMEN to CHASE you:

In the "sales" world, there is a powerful marketing principle called "The Principle of Scarcity." Basically, what it means is that "an item or opportunity will become more desirable as it becomes less accessible."

In other words, the less there is of something, or the harder it is to get, the more people will want to have it. People, especially women, they usually don't appreciate the things that they can get very easily... they take those things for granted.

For most women, finding a date is not difficult at all. All they have to do is get semi-dressed up and walk out the door. Most guys are so desperate that they'll be lined up to take her out to dinner, movie, a trip, or whatever it takes.

They're all stuck in the "shower her with gifts, presents, and compliments" mindset. And, because she knows that she has this amazing power over men even when she's being the biggest bitch in the whole world, there's no real excitement in it for her.

Sure, it can be fun for her to tease guys and see just how much power she has over them, but after a while, it just becomes boring.

It's too easy. She doesn't have to do any work. There's no "chase." There's no challenge! So if you really want a woman to go crazy over you, you have to turn the tables on her! You have to make her believe that YOU are the prize.

That YOU are sizing HER up to see if she is good enough for YOU. And, that YOU are the rare commodity that she needs to grab... before it's gone. Most guys make themselves too available. They are there to please her in every way possible.

You may think this is what she wants, but it's not! At least not during this stage of the game. If you want to become highly attractive in her eyes, establish your scarcity. Remember, nice guys are a dime a dozen. You don't want to be one of those guys.

Here's something that may be difficult for you to adopt and do but you must do it, if you want to gain the upper hand in this game. Be ready to walk away if she is being too difficult or if she's not smart enough to appreciate what you have to offer her.

Some women are just too dumb to recognize the opportunity to be with a man who is clearly more evolved and refined than most men. You don't want to deal with these women anyway. They will only cause you grief later on, just trust me on this one.

Remember the reason why women are drawn to bad guys/asshole/jerks or whatever they call it, It's because they have no problem walking away from women if she's not playing ball.

I want you to understand from the very beginning that there are thousands (if not millions) of women out there. Smart, sexy, beautiful, funny, generous and giving women. Women who will even drive you wild in bed. So, DON'T settle for the damaged or just plain stupid women.

Some of them are just not worth your time. You really have to cement this into your brain right now. It's also the only way you'll be able to ever establish your scarcity, which believe me, is one of the most attractive qualities in a man, from a woman's point of view.

(Remember, they want most what they can't have!) Turn it into a challenge for her! Here's an example of a pickup that didn't initially go in the direction I wanted it to...

Me: Hey, I just have to say one thing. I don't usually talk to girls wearing sneakers, but you have really nice hair so I had to say hi Her: (Puts this weird expression on her face that screams "How dare you talk to me, the wonderous, miraculous princess of beauty??")

(Now this is where most guys would have just given up... or worse... they would have felt angry/hurt/rejected, they would have called her names or cursed at her and walked away.

And guess what, that's what women are "used to!" They know that they have the power to easily get such a reaction out of men.)

Me: (Smiling) You know, a part of me was absolutely sure that you wouldn't have a sense of humor at all, especially since you're a bit better looking than most people.(Push-pull)

BUT... I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt anyway... and find out IF maybe you had anything more to offer than just your "looks." You have yourself a nice day now! (And I started to walk away.)

Now... notice what happened above, and especially notice how it is different from what most guys would do in a similar situation. After she gave me that weird "how dare you" look, I gently slapped her verbally.

It's something she probably would have never expected. And as great as she looked, it's also probably something she's not used to (since most guys probably put her on a pedestal just because she looks "hot.")

Her: (Turns around to face my direction, as I'm walking away.) Uhh... hey, wait... listen... I'm sorry. I've just had a bad day... and I'm kind of in a rush.. So, what I did above immediately shifted her focus.. I had her attention (because it was something she wasn't expecting.)

And I did all this without being angry or obnoxious. I did it without being a jerk. I simply stated the facts to her, from my point of view, with a very pleasant look on my face. (That's part of the fun for them... to get a reaction out of you when they simply ignore you.

Most guys get upset or just feel rejected.) Me: (Turning around to face her) Are you saying that you're not usually this rude and arrogant around people?

Again, I'm setting it up to where she has to try and prove to me that she's worth my time(I’m qualifying her), or that she's a better person than what I think she is at this point in time. Her: I'm really not.

Me: Alright... well, if you buy me a drink, maybe I'll forgive your behavior. Notice again, how I turned the table on her. She's used to guys buying her drink or dinner or whatever. Except in this case, I'm having her do the buying.

You should understand that the only reason this worked is because I showed her, from the very beginning, that I was 'unique.' I got her attention the moment I verbally slapped her to put her in her place

AND... I also showed her that her being a bitch was unacceptable to me, and that I was willing to walk away from her if I didn't like what I saw. That's very important.

Something very important for you to understand is that other people cannot control how you feel. So, don't give them that power. It doesn't matter what the woman says or does, you're always in control of your emotions.

If she's being a bitch, you can calmly (but firmly) put her in her place. I can't tell you how much of a turn on this can be for some women. Finally, a guy who will not put up with her bullshit. She doesn't find a guy like that often.

As I mentioned earlier, this is also why women are drawn to jerks and/or "bad boys." These men walk around believing that they have "nothing to lose." If a woman turns them down, they know that there are hundreds more they can talk to.

THAT's the attitude you should have too. Have fun with the process. You should view 'approaching women' as an adventure where you're going to find out just what kind of woman you're dealing with and how you can find out if she's good enough for you.

WARNING: While this approach works very well with women, don't get arrogant or egotistical with it. Women still want a guy who can respect her as a woman, someone with a good heart. They really are looking for a nice guy.

But, not so nice that she can step all over him without him doing anything about it. She wants a nice guy with a backbone. Someone who is a gentleman, BUT will not take crap from her. Often times, women do this purposely to test you.

If you let them walk all over you, if you don't put them in their place when they are wrong, they won't think much of you. And you may not get anywhere with her. I realize that I’m repeating some things here. It's for good reason.

They are extremely important concepts for you to understand and adopt. Onwards... After you've set up the first meeting/date, it's time to move to the next important phase. Start building a relationship/bond immediately.

If you got anything from this thread, Help me get it in front of more people. Retweet the top tweet below. Go out and talk to women. Every girl is practice Have a great day!

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