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Armenia's loss against Azerbaijan has several lessons for India: 1. Governments backed by Woke Diaspora/elites are a national disaster waiting to happen 2. Demography is Destiny: Armenians have stopped breeding, while Azerbaijanis have only increased their population advantage,

over Armenia since the previous war, allowing them the advantage of being able to absorb many more losses 3. Regional great powers/hegemons can and will impose new realities: Turkey is an expansionist regional power, thinking, for better or for worse, of itself as a new Ottoman

Empire. Without Turkey's military aid (drones ftw), Azerbaijan would not have made the quick progress in mountainous territory that it did. 4. Playing finite games is a losing strategy: If you're always playing defence, and your enemy has unlimited shots on target, at some point

or the other they'll make a breakthrough and you will suffer a permanent loss of land. 5. Combat experience can only go so far in keeping up with an enemy with vastly bigger military resources: Azerbaijan has been using its oil wealth to outdo Armenia in defence spending by a

factor of 3 or 4 for more than a decade. Armenian combat experience/expertise could not bridge this gap beyond a certain point. Similarly, our high-altitude military experience can only go so far in bridging the massive gap in defence spending between us and China, not to mention

their vastly bigger military-industrial complex.

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