Decided to do a full breakdown for the most used promotion apps for Onlyfans I could easily sell this thread for $300 but fuck it: 👇🏻

I'll go over 5 promotion apps, explain what they are good for and at the end I'll make a list on how I would approach them as a beginner. Let's begin:

1) Reddit As you probably know reddit is one of the most used app for promoting OF accounts. I like reddit a LOT but in order to make big numbers at it you need to have a lot of content every day and You will also need a lot of explicit content.

So if you have a girl that isn't filming content that often you shouldn't really focus on reddit. And if you have soft content it's the same thing stay away from it. Next

2) Tiktok. Tiktok is a app that can be used by any girl. Every girl can make money from TikTok BUT You will need to have a decent phone and have the right content to send to the girl. I see so many people fucking this up when...

They send some random ass TikToks to the girl and they come back to me saying it doesn't work. It does, but you have to find the right content and a niche for your girl. Girls are lying when they say that tiktok is hard. You just gotta have your game right G. Next

3) Dating apps Dating apps are something that people are running away from thinking that they can't make money from them. Let me tell you something they are WRONG. Dating apps work great but you need to have some money for them. Keep reading

I wouldn't touch dating apps until I'm making at least $5k a month Since you need money to invest in. Most of the girls I'd say can make you money on dating apps, Only if you have a goblin then yeah don't put her on dating apps.

4) GGs aka guaranteed gains GGs are good in RARE situations. Firstly in order to make them work you need a lot of content already done. A really good OF profile and also a trusted plug. I bought some GGs in the past but I don't find them that good.

Don't get me wrong you can make your money back with them especially long term but I wouldn't really look at them too much if I'm just starting out.

5) Twitter Twitter is a really good platform and underrated in my opinion. ON this platform you could have a 3 and make money. Seen it with my own eyes. But similar to Tiktok you have to niche it down correctly. You can't post-normal nudes and expect to get followers.

Of all the apps I'd say Twitter is the easiest to use and a solid platform to promote on even if you're at the start.

Ok so I've gone through all of them now I want to tell you how I would approach them:

Starting with a fresh account I'd immediately look into Twitter and Tiktok. Twitter is free and for Tiktok you need an iphone xr minimum and a sim card which will cost you like $300. If I have a girl that sends a lot of explicit content I'd do Reddit too. And...

I would use these 3 platforms until I make 5-10k a month. From there I would start to pay attention to Dating apps and after I have that on autopilot test GGs.

Hope that this breakdown helped you understand how the most used platforms work and when it's the right time to use them. If you feel that this thread was helpful retweet it and like it so your friends can see it too. Read the next message if you're serious about the game.

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