#miyacestober2022 Day 22: Dependency. People always say it's not healthy. That depending so much (emotionally and physically) on someone, only brings bad feelings. Desperation, anger, sadness… They are right when they state that. Being so dependent on someone can cause—

horrible things and make the people involved in the relationship miserable. But to Osamu and Atsumu, it's actually the contrary. It's weird and it doesn't make sense. At least, not in society's eyes. But Osamu and Atsumu don't care anymore. They used to take in mind what their—

parents and friends told them: that they should separate a little, explore new things. Have another person to trust, besides their brother. After all, all those suggestions did make sense. And so they both did. They both tried to live without the other, to find anyone else to—

fulfill the void they had left in each other's hearts. But it didn't work. As much as the new person that came into their lives was amazing or loving or caring, it wasn't enough. They always ended up returning to the other. Because no one else felt like their twin. No one else—

could provide what the other could. No one else could love them in the way they could. At this point, it almost felt ridiculous to keep trying to stay apart. So, after years of doing what they were supposed to and always failing, they decided to give up and just do what they —

wanted. Even if it was a mistake in other people's sights. Whatever. It's not like their opinions mattered. Only Osamu's and Atsumu's. That's what they cared about. And so, they began their relationship, finally, the way they had been dying to do for so long. At first it—

was a bit weird, but as the weeks went by, they discovered they had never been happier than when they were in their twin's arms, without the consistent presence of a person they didn't love the way they should, on the back of their minds. Depending on someone is bad. That's—

That's true. But for Osamu and Atsumu, it's quite the contrary. They've tried to be independent from one another, and they've arrived to a single conclusion: as much as it's dangerous, it's also the only way they know how to express their feelings for their brother. Because what

they feel is so intense and so deep, a healthy relationship dynamic is not enough. And that's alright. It's their life, after all. And if someone has a problem with the way Osamu is always talking about his twin, or the way Atsumu's eyes lit up every time he sees Osamu, then —

they better go fuck themselves. Because Osamu and Atsumu love each other. And that's something nothing can change.

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