Lauren Link MS, RD, CSSD

Lauren Link MS, RD, CSSD



Let’s break down some considerations for choosing the best “diet” for you 🧵

1️⃣ Does it nourish you? 🔋 Does it provide ENOUGH food and a variety of macro and micronutrients? This is possible to achieve even if aiming for a caloric deficit, but that deficit cannot be extreme (aka only enough for a toddler aka 1200 calories)🪫

2️⃣ Is it sustainable? 📆 Can you realistically follow this diet for YEARS? (Not days, weeks, or months…years) If not, it’s not sustainable and the results won’t be either 🗑

3️⃣ Does it cause you stress/anxiety?😰 There is no single food or group of foods worse for you than the havoc that stress wreaks on the body. The same could be said for severely under-fueling. ❌

4️⃣ Does it consider your budget, lifestyle, culture and preferences? 💫 If not, refer back to numbers 2️⃣&3️⃣

5️⃣ Does it allow you to live your life? If you can’t have fun with friends and family, be sporadic, enjoy vacations, etc. then it’s probably doing more harm than good. Food is more than just fuel - it’s connection, nostalgia, enjoyment and even comfort at times, and that’s OK💛

You can accomplish all this and still eat a very healthy, nutrient-dense diet that fuels performance. If you disagree, I would strongly encourage you to work with an RD who will consider all of the above vs. get yet another diet from social or meal plan from a bro at the gym 🙂

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