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When both parents work 9-5 jobs, the word you are looking for is "neglect"

You both work because you think that's the only way to afford the lifestyle you deserve. But you don't *deserve* that lifestyle. Your child deserves a home that won't toss him to minimum wage employees at the first opportunity, however.

We let strangers raise our kids so we can go out to eat more or go on that vacation. Totally backward thinking. Are the souls of your children worth that extra $30,000 per year?

A young married man should look at his circumstances and do whatever he can to make sure his wife can stay home. And not just stay home, but stay home with a feeling of security. For a man in his 20s, anything less than 60 hours per week of work should be seen as laziness.

Free time for recreation is a luxury. Vacations are a luxury. Eating out is a luxury. No one *deserves* any of it. They are things that you earn. And if you can't afford them on one income, you can't afford them. Period. Increase your skills and income. You can do it.

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