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cw // hybird Cat hybrid Kiyoomi who's previous owner had been elderly and somewhat immobile, so he wasn't used to playing. He isn't excitable or easy to coax, he's skittish. So when he gets a new owner, a young one, and an athletic one at that. Things change.

Atsumu's never owned a cat before, but his family had a dog growing up. Maybe that's where his outgoing approach comes from... His new hybrid, Kiyoomi, hisses and swats and barely speaks, and that's when he isn't hiding.

Playfulness doesn't seem like one of Kiyoomi's natural traits, all hybrids are different, of course. That's what the books say. But Atsumu is determined to find a toy Kiyoomi likes, one that will get Kiyoomi out of his shell and exerting some energy.

He brings home bags of crinkly toys, shiny ones, and ones with bells inside. Things on long strings and little mice with electronics inside that make them jitter around on the floor. Kiyoomi regards them all with the same amount of distain.

But Kiyoomi likes treats, his pupils get all huge and his tail flickers around when Atsumu takes them out from their hiding place. They're kind of like cookies, if cookies were made of fish. Atsumu has tried them for himself, on more than one occasion, unfortunately.

One day, a rainy Saturday, Atsumu has the thought to throw one of them. He expects Kiyoomi to get mad or fussy, but instead the massive hybrid launches off the floor like a jungle cat and clears over the couch with ease.

When Kiyoomi's ears poke up from the other side of the couch, twitching with focus while he eats, Atsumu has an even better thought. He shakes the bag, watching Kiyoomi's ears pivot in interest. "Omi— Here,"

The second he gets Kiyoomi's interest he's up, treats in tow, and rockets out of the room. No residential space is big enough for two creatures over six feet tall to run around, but Atsumu makes up for it with creativity. He jumps over furniture, and uses it to confuse Kiyoomi.

For the first time, Atsumu sees Kiyoomi get playful, in his own unique way. The hybrid is flushed and flustered, an annoyed little frown on his lips, but his eyes are beyond interested, and his tail is happy. Atsumu spends twenty minutes winding Kiyoomi up, until he relents.

They wrestle around on the floor, and Atsumu is completely out of breath as Kiyoomi victoriously shoves handfuls of treats into his mouth. There's no poise or shyness now. Kiyoomi's purring so loudly it's vibrating Atsumu's hand on his back.

With treats they can play catch, or hide and seek, and once Kiyoomi gets used to running he often zooms around the house when no one is looking, seeking more use of his energy. It's funny, watching such a serious cat ask to play. Kiyoomi used to be so deadpan, but now...

When Atsumu offers him a snack, or anything like a treat, Kiyoomi perks up with expectation. He starts purring, and a playful look comes to his eyes. Even with the rest of his face so blank, Atsumu knows what that means. It doesn't matter what time of day or night.

Kiyoomi wants to play, he expects a game, to be chased or wrestled until they're biting each other or tickling each other. He wants to run around until they're both worn out. Kiyoomi pretends to dislike Atsumu, even now, but in these moments Kiyoomi purrs like a motor.

All those fancy toys still remain completely unused, and some days even the treat bag lays forgotten. In the end, it turns out, Atsumu is his favourite toy of all. 🐁🐈‍⬛

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