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I am "right wing" in the sense that rightists match my senses. They are grounded in reality. Population replacement is happening— of course. It's very basic. Example: Many right wing people believe in the possibility of giants, or simply accept their historical existence.

The right is open and accepting of true, historical conspiracy. They are not bug people that only believe in proscribed conspiracy. They are suspicious of secular narratives. They have basic spiritual intuition combined with common sense.

In other words, if you don't accept giants are real and most dinosaurs are fake, in my book you are not right wing. You are probably a bugman.

I don't believe in any right wing "political solutions". Once again, if you are grounded in reality, no one should be thinking like that. You don't make politics with people that view you as a lab rat for their transhumanist agenda.

If you think there is a political solution to the global order revealing itself to be supernaturally evil, then you are not "right wing". In every meaningful sense, you are a leftist. Only a leftist would be able to miss the gist of the past year so terribly.

I am not going to fed post, but I'm telling you there are only transformative options available. What I do is spiritual warfare. That is a game that has real outcomes, but there are others. Playing politics with demons is cringe. You are not going to win a game they created.

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