Devotee kings of shiva 1.Kazharsinga nayanar and siruthunai nayanar He was pallava king from kadava Dynasty. He conquered his enemies and northern kingdoms too. He was crowned emperor and built many shiva temples. once he visited thiruvarur Thyagaraja temple with his queen

Siruthunai nayanar was priest and great devotee of shiva. He always done his service at Thyagaraja temple. At araneri shiva sannidhi queen saw flowers arranged for worship of shiva. At that time one flower fallen down. Queen pick that flower and smelled it. He saw that scene

Without fear he chopped off nose of queen for doing shiva aparadha. King was on pradakshina heard queen scream and came there. After enquire he said punishment to queen is not enough and he chopped of queens hand. Flowers from heave rained on his justice

Shiva appeared and queen got back her nose & hand. With his bhakti of king shiva granted him mukti. He was celebrated as nayanmars & his guripuja widely celebrated. Siruthunai nayanar too got Mukti by shiva for his bhakti & fearless attitude. His guru pooja too celebrated widely

2 aiyavatigal kadavarkon nayanar He was father of kazharsinga Nayanar. He reigned Kingdom by conquering enemies. After expwnding his kingdom and ruled justly and also built many grant temples he went on yatra. He wrote many poems on shiva. And reached thillai Chidambaram temple

There he saw dancebof shiva and melted his heart. He composed many poems and merged with shiva in Chidambaram. His guru pooja is too widely celebrated and his poems are part of sacred shaiva literature 11th canto

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