percy 🦇 with the witch's broom

percy 🦇 with the witch's broom



#skts, sex discussions (more tags in thread) kiyoomi has been acting weird the entire day. he's been avoiding atsumu since they woke up, not staying for the usual cuddles. it's not usual for this to happen anymore. after all, they've been together for a year now.

kiyoomi has clear boundaries and atsumu's always done a good job honoring them. this, right now, though? goes out of the ordinary. kiyoomi's not looking at atsumu, he's not holding his hand as they walk to practice. they haven't kissed today, either.

it occurred to atsumu that kiyoomi may be having a bad day with his mysophobia, but the thought is proven wrong when kiyoomi doesn't grab gloves or his extra mask. not even alcohol spray.

this is definitely out of the ordinary, then. atsumu goes through their last couple days, thinking if he did something wrong. yeah, he's a bastard as always, but atsumu would never intentionally hurt his team.

when he goes over the last week's practice meetings, and then over their day and night routines, he finds nothing that sticks out.

they woke up, made out, had a quick release either in their bed or the shower, and they started their day. they trained, ate lunch and went back home. at night, skincare routine, leisure time, and sleep. nothing out of the ordinary. nothing different. nothing wrong. so, why...?

after training, when they're all sweating and heading to the lockers, atsumu comes close to his partner. "hey, omi? can we talk?" kiyoomi looks impassive, but his there's a slight nose scrunch. "not here." "kay," atsumu says, smiling. "at home, then?"

kiyoomi nods and starts packing his stuff to go and shower at his house, and atsumu showers quickly at the gym so they can get going as soon as possible.

the way home is quiet, and atsumu can't help but notice kiyoomi's not initiating any sort of skinship. yeah, this is not good.

when they get home, kiyoomi goes straight for the bathroom. he takes longer than usual. atsumu starts getting anxious. they were okay just yesterday, what happened?

could it be that he got some bad news? that he's upset at something? what if he's upset at atsumu? fuck, but he's been on his best behavior! what happened?

kiyoomi comes back to the living room in his pajamas. his hair is damn and he looks adorable, but atsumu knows better than to hug him out of nowhere. "okay," kiyoomi starts. "what's up?"

atsumu raises his eyebrows. "you tell me, omi." "...what do you mean?" kiyoomi replies, and his tone tells atsumu that he knows /exactly/ what he means. "you've been acting different all day."

"have i?" their eyes don't meet. "omi. please. what's wrong?" "there's a problem." "okay, so tell me." kiyoomi stays silent for a while. his eyes tell atsumu that he's gathering courage to talk. "i...", kiyoomi clears his throat. "sometimes i don't want to have sex."

...huh? "what?" atsumu says, shocked at the sentence. he was waiting everything but this. "alright... why's that a problem?" kiyoomi did a double take. "what do you mean?" "i mean," atsumu repeated. "why is that a problem?"

"/because/," kiyoomi starts, visibly upset at the lack of heat from atsumu. "we do it every day in the morning, and... and it's good but today i didn't... i-i didn't want to." ah. "omi... oh my god, can i come a little closer?" kiyoomi nods, sighing.

"baby, you could've just told me." "no, because you'd try to convince me otherwise and i don't... i don't like that." woah, /what/!? "omi, no!" atsumu's worried now. "have i ever done that? i'm so sorry if i have, i..."

CW // mentions of dubcon (not sakuatsu, but still proceed with caution)

atsumu's eyes shake, trying to remember if he ever forced kiyoomi, but before he gets too worried, his partner stops him. "no, atsumu. you've never done that, but in college... well, i would do it because i didn't /mind/, but it's not like i wanted to."

"omi..." atsumu moves his arms, waiting for consent from kiyoomi to hug him. when kiyoomi moves for a hug as well, atsumu holds him tight. "fuck, i'm so sorry."

"thank you," comes the reply. kiyoomi feels warmth in his chest. "i'm sorry, it's not like i think you'd force me. it's just..." "don't apologize," atsumu interrupts just this once. "i like havin' sex, but it's only fun if we're both enjoyin' it. don't ever feel guilty."

kiyoomi takes a deep breath. "okay." "i love ya. i don't want you to feel bad for your own needs or wants. and you don't have to explain anythin' if you don't want to."

"thank you, atsu." "mhm!" atsumu kisses his forehead. "dontcha worry!" "it's not like i don't want to pleasure you, though." "oh?", atsumu smiles, teasing. "i know that, omi, don't be silly." "i mean... sometimes i may not want to have sex, but i can /help/."

"you— help?" kiyoomi nods. "toys." oh. /oh./ "well," atsumu murmurs, shaking a little. "i'm, uh... i'm /definitely/ interested." "i know, i can feel it." they both laugh a little. "let's go sleep, atsu", kiyoomi decides.

"sure thing, omi", atsumu whispers lovingly. "don't worry yer pretty little head anymore. and if ya wanna talk more about this... i'm here. just know i don't mind." kiyoomi smiles. "i know, atsu. i love you." "and i, you."

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