Art of Masculinity

Art of Masculinity



How to avoid getting friend zoned = Thread =

1. Flirt courageously Turn everyday tasks/conversations slightly into more sexual or playful than usual. Show her that you're fun, witty, funny, and comfortable with your sexuality.

2. Sit close to her Sitting close to her is a subtle hint to her, that you like her. And that you'd like to escalate Combine it with tickling or flirtatious pushing, and observe her trust and attraction growing.

3. Make strong eye contact Don't always stare at her. But when you do, look deep into her eyes, figure out what she's thinking and feeling. Eyes are the gateway to her heart, and if you're comfortable looking into her, she'll feel more closer to you.

4. Don't always be available Being too available shows you don't have much of a life or any hobbies. It also suggests that you're more invested into her, than she is into you. A massive turn off.

5. Tease her Going back to being flirtatious, touching her fingers, and teasing her is a great way to break the barrier without being a creep. It gives a hint of interest and sexuality that she'll love.

6. Men, if you don't want to be frienzoned, you need; • Self-belief • Self-discipline • Self-confidence Get "Iron Clad Discipline" and you will become ALL of these and get your dream girl! Click here:

7. Whisper into her ear When you've both gotten closer and more attracted to each other, try whispering into her ear. This is a girls favourite, and most sexual thing to do. Her attraction will spike and will make her feel in love.

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