My top 5 coins to hold in a bear market: 1. $BTC 2. $ETH 3. $USDC 4. $AVAX 5. $BNB Explanation of why plus 2 additional wild card coins included below. ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡

$BTC - $19.6k Bitcoin has a finite supply, only 21 million in existence, this creates scarcity long term $BTC is the most widely accepted crypto token to transact with worldwide One of the main on ramp tokens to trade crypto with. Most liquid token, allows for easy trading.

$ETH - $1060 $ETH 2.0 and the move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake Highest amount of decentralized apps in crypto. Easiest way to enter DeFi. #1 place for NFTs. Most NFTs and NFT protocols are housed on Ethereum. NFT demand will continue to grow which will benefit $ETH

$USDC - $1 The best and safest stablecoin in the crypto ecosystem. $USDC is backed by real assets. It is backed by cash and US government bonds. For every $USDC token, $1 is held in collateral. When you are putting money into stables, $USDC should always be your #1 choice.

$AVAX - $15.25 $AVAX subnets, this helps the scalability of $AVAX by allowing protocols to stake $AVAX to create an L1/L2 blockchain. Low fees, fast network, most validators among all Proof of Stake networks. $100 million Avalanche creator fund

$BNB - $206 Utility token for the largest crypto exchange (Binance) Roughly 90% of Binance employees earn some income in $BNB Still #1 spot for token and protocol launchpads. Binance Pool which comprises over 10% of the $BTC mining hash rate Token creation is easy and cheap

I think opening positions or DCAing in the above 5 tokens will prove extremely valuable over the next 3-5 years as crypto becomes more widely adopted and mainstream. Below are my two wild cards, which are higher risk options but may provide higher returns. ๐ŸŽฒ

$NEAR - $3.15 Nightshade - $NEAR sharding mechanism which allows $NEAR to grow linearly by breaking off in multiple chains(shards) to which validators are assigned. Rainbow Bridge - Ability to bridge ERC20 tokens to $NEAR, also allows devs to easily create dApps on network

$HNT - $10.95 Decentralized Wireless Network - $HNT enables devices to geolocate and connect to the internet without the need of satellites. Data credits are used to pay for using the $HNT network and are minted by burning $HNT. Increased token scarcity

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