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5 Ways That Music Can Transform Your Life = THREAD =

1. Music can save your life I grew up depressed There were days where I could barely get out of bed Music pulled me through this There are songs that kept me going daily Now I listen to those songs and remember, I can make it If you are struggling, music can save you

2. Music reduces stress Life is stressful We all have: - Demanding jobs - A to-do list a mile long - Families that count on us This can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress When I get stress out, I turn on a playlist that makes me happy If you don't have one, make one

3. Music improves focus We all struggle with procrastination The reasons: - Social media - Cellphones - Television Music can be used to stop procrastinating and start doing deep work Try this, Find an acoustic playlist that you enjoy Listen to it the next time you work

4. Music helps relaxation If you are like me, you have a hard time relaxing at the end of the day Most of society turns to drugs and alcohol to fix this Music is more powerful My wife and I have an album we listen to overnight It relaxes us Everyone deserves peace

5. Music boosts mood and motivation Do you have a workout playlist? I know I do You should have music for: - Deep work - Family time - Your commute - Time with your spouse Music will put you in the right mood and mindset Never underestimate the power of a well-timed song

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