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Alex • Copywriting Dad.



This took me 9 years to learn, I'll teach you in 3 minutes. Here are uncomfortable truths about life...

1. The most difficult mission on earth is to focus on your dreams; the easiest task is to complain.

2. Your current job doesn't care about you. You're only paid as long as you're useful.

3. Skills and financial education is 10x better than a college degree.

4. Let people win arguments on purpose to conserve your mental peace.

5. If you continue waiting for the "right time ”, you’ll waste your entire life and nothing will happen.

6. Having one stream of income is committing financial suicide.

7. You'll be 10x happier if you forgive your parents and stop blaming them.

8. Even if you trust your close friends and family, never tell them everything.

9. To realize the value of your life, you need to cut 99% of your friends who don't help you grow.

10. By age 30, your inner circle should be more focused on making money, starting businesses and caring for family.

11. You don't need 100 self-help books, all you need is actions and self discipline.

12. The government and politicians will never save you from any problems. Work and focus on yourself.

13. Avoid society's advice, most of them have no idea of what they're doing.

14. You can't expect honesty from people who even lie to themselves.

15. Take nothing personally and save yourself from 99% of mental problems.

16. You become mature when you take responsibility of your life and quit blaming circumstances and people

17. The worst way to spend your 40s and 50s is thinking your best days were your 20s and 30s.

18. Your marriage partner is your greatest; • Physical • Financial • Emotional decision. Marry wrong and you'll suffer forever.

19. Admit you know nothing and you'll be ahead of 99% of people.

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