Honeybun (semi-away for a bit)

Honeybun (semi-away for a bit)



Secret Relationship (Omisel & Foxtsumu) #sakuatsu #skts #fluff Kiyoomi can tell Atsumu is upset. It’s not like he can blame Atsumu, not when Kiyoomi’s spent the entirety of training camp glued to his cousin. It wasn’t on purpose.

Not at first at least. While his mask had fully hidden his excitement at seeing Atsumu coming his way at the entry, he’d instead focused his efforts on ‘harassing’ the Karasuno setter, afraid others would notice his odd show of emotion on seeing the blond of all people.

Perhaps it worked a little too well because the others now thought he was a bit odd for the way he’d questioned Kageyama. But it was better questioning others than being questioned himself.

High school relationships had little success in being long-lasting. Kiyoomi had known the statistic when he’d confessed to Atsumu at a previous tournament and knew the statistic was worse when people, especially teenage boys, would come to hear of their relationship.

Kiyoomi wanted to delay the inevitable, keeping this strictly to nightly phone calls, secret texts in between classes that were the reasons for the increased number of smiles on his face and a single visit to Hyogo only his father knew of.

It was their thing and he wanted it to just be their thing for a little bit longer. But perhaps he forgot that Atsumu was a part of the equation when the constant avoidance on his part leads him to a very grumpy boyfriend sitting on the stairs.

“Hi,” Kiyoomi says shyly, soft because it’s after curfew and they can’t get caught. But also because he’s just happy to see Atsumu. Who isn’t looking at Kiyoomi, knees to his chest as he barely acknowledges the spiker with a nod. “Atsu?” Kiyoomi freezes near the exit door.

And it’s only the nickname that softens the frown between Atsumu’s eyebrows. “Oh, so now you know my name?” “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want Motoya knowing.” Atsumu grunts, still looking at the wall, head under crossed elbows over his knees.

Kiyoomi feels bad now, especially when he knows it wasn’t fair to Atsumu. But he knows what Motoya will be like when he does realize that he was right in figuring out his cousin’s crush. And how insufferable he’ll be when he figures out he’s in a relationship with ‘said’ crush

Kiyoomi seats himself next to his boyfriend, placing his head on Atsumu’s shoulder. “I’m really sorry.” He knows a thousand apologies might not be enough which is by he makes his first shot. “You know how much I like you.” Success given how Atsumu’s ears turn red.

He then curls a hand around one of Atsumu’s biceps. “Baby, won’t you please forgive me?” The sound of choking means his second bullet made his way into Atsumu’s heart. But when all the nudging and apologies still won’t make Atsumu look at him.

Which means it’s time for his killing shot. Kiyoomi quickly transforms into a weasel and before Atsumu can even realize what’s happened, he furrows into the space between his arms.

Atsumu gasps as he looks down on the weasel settling himself on his lap. “That’s so unfair, Omi-kun!” Atsumu has been totally and utterly defeated as he melts into a puddle of goo looking at his cute weasel. “You know I can’t say no to yer cuteness.”

Omisel only takes further advantage of Atsumu’s weakness, using his paws to bring a finger to his chest. It’s what causes Atsumu to break with a whine, “Omiiiii, yer too cute.”

Although 75% of the population could transform into an animal, you only shared your hybrid form with people you could trust. Transforming into your animal self feels like telling your biggest secret, showing the most intimate part of yourself.

And as Omisel watches Atsumu hold him with the most precious look in his eyes, he knew there was no one else he wanted to share this moment with. His family members wouldn’t even know who this weasel acting cute was.

Omisel figures this suffices enough as an apology, nipping at Atsumu’s inner arm before scrambling out while Atsumu squeals like a little boy. “Omi!?” he screeches, watching the weasel run up the stairs, his cute butt bouncing with each jump. “What’re you doing up there?”

Atsumu’s mouth drops open when he realizes that Omisel’s tail is wagging. Actually WAGGING, moving from side to side because..... he’s waiting for Atsumu to join him.

And even though he hesitates, because it’s after curfew and December means it’s freezing outside, it only takes a few more seconds for Atsumu to transform into his Fox form.

And with that, Foxtsumu starts running after Omisel.

It’s a bit funny to see a fox with a bushy tail chasing the lanky weasel that is practically jumping each stair until they make their way to the roof, Omisel often looking back to see the fox. It’s when he steps onto the roof that Foxtsumu throws his entire body ontop of Omisel.

They roll on the fake grass for a bit, Omisel nipping at the fox that can’t stop giggling. And when Foxtsumu does let go, it’s with another loud cackle as he runs off to the other end of the rooftop, and Omisel secretly likes it, slinking across the soft grass to give chase.

It isn’t even the first time they’ve spent so much time chasing each other in their animal forms. It had happened the first time they’d shown each other their animal forms, secretly excited to show someone other than family their hidden selves, more so because it was just them

When they did tire themselves out, they move closer to each other, Omisel blushing when Foxtsumu nuzzles into his cheek and then giving chase after the latter licks him.

And well, if someone found a fox and weasel sleeping in the shade, in the early morning, tails curled around each other, that was a story for another time.

***** This is a gift thread for @kissfrthcamera who won my 500 follower giveaway! They requested ‘highschool era foxtsumu and omisel who secretly date’ and I kind of ran with it. I hope I did a little justice to your idea🥺 and that you enjoyed💕

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