self concept: a thread. [ long i warned u ]

self conception, also known as self concept, is your conception of yourself. the conception you have of yourself is always out pictured. this can be through people, experiences and how you get treated since everything is a reflection of your conception of yourself and others.

self concept is not confidence, it is how you see yourself. since the world is a mirror, the world will show you how you see yourself through experiences to mirror it back.

examples of self concept: “i am a married woman!” “i am loved!” “i am rich!” “i am wanted!” those are examples of how you see yourself. you use self concept constantly, even if u think u don’t. it is WHO ARE YOU? I AM? this will always be reflected.

self concept is everything you do, when you use the law it is probably the first thing you do. you see yourself as the person you want to be. but if you also don’t see yourself as loved, the world will mirror that too.

it doesn’t just cut out what you don’t want, it gives you what you believe about yourself. it is necessary? no. none of the law is. can u still get what you want? yes. but you’ll have to work harder and when it comes in, you’ll have to be really disciplined or you’ll fuck it up.

why? because if u don’t believe you’re loved and someone offers love to you, u will have tons of opposing thoughts. you’ll have the tendency to lean towards them if you don’t believe you deserve it. you’ll have to work even harder to shut fears down n if u don’t, you’ll lose it.

why will you lose it? because you have no strength. you didn’t change the beliefs that made them leave, so they come back the same and so do you. what happens? the same outcome. they’ll probably leave again for the same reason.

self concept is everything, it’s how you see yourself. who are you? that is self concept. is it necessary to get what you want? NO. however if you want it to be easier, quicker, have the most change, and keep it, then yes. do it.

those that say self concept isn’t necessary, don’t understand why it’s necessary. they haven’t understood its purpose and what it does FOR THEM. they don’t understand that how u see yourself is everything in terms of the law bc THAT IS WHAT THE LAW GIVES YOU. YOUR CONCEPTION.

why will it be hard? bc u will have tons of thoughts opposing it. you’ll have to be really good at cutting them out constantly. you will believe in the negative more. that’s why people lose it. they put more trust in the negative because they have a negative view of themselves.

if u know ur not GOOD ENOUGH at running, do you TRULY believe you’ll win a competition? probably not. if you know you’re not GOOD ENOUGH to be loved, will u really believe he means it? probably not. you’ll just think he’s cheating instead, then you’ll believe that and lose him.

why will it be easier? because you’ll have security within yourself to hold something you want. do you ever see anyone who’s insecure keep anything? no. i haven’t. they always end up worse off. why? because they push it away unconsciously or consciously.

why will it make the most change? things and people will change anyway. however they probably left because of how you saw yourself. change that and they will come back even more different.

why will it be quicker? it will make what u want feel more natural to you, naturalness is key. it comes when u feel like u have it. self concept isn’t necessary for that but it’ll happen faster bc you’ll feel more worthy or deserving of it and therefore believe it more.

now again, is it necessary? no. but understanding why it’s necessary and telling people why it is before telling them to not do it, is important. so many desperate people struggle more then they have to and it’s sad.

i don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to feel good about yourself regardless if it’s necessary or not.

in conclusion, self concept is not necessary. however, it is necessary if you want it to be quicker, feel more natural, easier in terms of thoughts. you can take the hard or easy route, i don’t care. but at least tell people why it’s necessary and let them have a choice.

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