SkTs- NSFW- Wolves Au “I will never let anything happen to you,” Sakusa knelt between Atsumu’s quivering thighs. “I will never let anyone else touch you, or look at you. No harm shall ever come to you.” Atsumu gritted his teeth, looking away. “And in return I’m yer whore?

A wet hole for ya to fuck?” Sakusa grabbed his face, forcing amber eyes to look at him. “You are my mate. The only one who will ever satisfy me.” Sakusa shook him slightly, lip curled. “You will be respected. Cherished. By all, by me.” Atsumu couldn’t hide the slick starting

to gather underneath him. Nor could he stop his hitched breath as Sakusa’s cock dragged up his thigh. Hot and heavy, it made Atsumu want to submit. “Fine. Fuck me, since that’s what ya want.” Long fingers touched him gently where he was leaking, barely pushing inside. Atsumu

wanted to push down on them, engulf them, but his pride kept him still. “Is it just me, Atsumu? You don’t want this at all?” Sakusa flashed his pointed teeth, so much different from Atsumu’s blunt ones. “I would never take you unwillingly. Tell me what you want, and I’ll give

it to you. Money, power, my bite. My cock.” Atsumu shivered. Sakusa was the strongest in the region. His pack was unstoppable, unbeatable. He was large, even for a wolf shifter. Broad shoulders with scars littering his back and chest. Dark eyes that knew blood and war. Knew

death. Just like his teeth. Atsumu ran his fingers through soft black hair, wondering if it was just as soft when he was a wolf. “Show me. Prove it.” Atsumu’s thighs dropped open. “Prove it, and I’ll be yers.” Teeth snapped quickly and fiercely by his throat, but Atsumu

just swallowed. “You were mine from the moment I saw you.” Atsumu cursed his village, the gods. His status. The way his cock and hole both leaked at Sakusa’s scent. That didn’t stop him from wearing the alpha’s bite mark on his neck like a trophy.

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